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  1. true. i took a lot of flack from my church/parents/etc. because of the music i listened to.i had one girl in my youth group stand right in front of me and make this rationalization for why Project 86/P.O.D. type bands, no matter what they proclaimed in their lyrics, were not Christian:"Well, if I can't understand the lyrics, they're not Christian lyrics." :club:
    That's really funny. It reminds me of this time I wasn't able to go to church, but I told my mom I'd drop my brother and sister off there anyways. So, I'm listening to Norma Jean in my car(and I generally listen to music really loud in my car) and as we're pulling up to the church my sister taps me on the shoulder and says "turn that down! we're at church" I said "It's a christian band!" Then she says "well they can't tell that" :D Needless to say, I didn't turn it down.
  2. Just wondering what, if any, religious music you guys listen to.I'm not a huge fan of conventional religious music, however, I do listen to a lot of music made by religious(mainly christian) musicians or have religious influences. If any of you are into harder music, and haven't heard of these bands, you should check out:mewithoutYou (www.mewithoutyou.com www.myspace.com/mewithoutyou www.purevolume.com/mewithoutyou)Norma Jean (www.myspace.com/normajean)the chariot ( I believe its www.myspace.com/thechariot)underoath (www.myspace.com/underoath ... not a huge fan, but its still alright)

  3. This might be the worst/most rediculous thread ever.My major beef with the arguement is this:Poker is not like other sports.In Basketball, or Football....you have to be selected to be a professional.In golf, you have to be consistantly good for a long time, and qualify for tournaments. An amateur "could" get lucky and beat a pro one hole, if the pro messes up, or by some freak accident, but an amateur couldn't get lucky and beat a pro for an entire tournament.In poker, you are a professional by virtue of making money, plain and simple. the "pros" you talk about are just normal people who play poker well and have made a living from it. There's no way to tell who makes a living playing poker.Do you consider Dan Harrington a pro? Funny, because he still owns and works at his business in MA, Anchor Mortgage. So, because of that I assume you're talking about name pros who have tournament wins and things like that. Do you consider Gavin Smith to be a pro? Certainly you should, with him being wpt player of the year and all, but how many WSOP bracelts does he have? Zero How many bracelets does Mike Sica have? One more than Gavin Smith, would he be let into your "pro" satellite? There's this thing called thinking before you speak, you should try it sometime.

  4. God I really really want to shoot that woman at Hachem's table"I really really know I have the best hand" I fold - I'll bet a gazzillion dollars she didn't do anything to earn her entry fee other than make some beverly hills plastic surgeon very miserableIn other news -Cicilia is single? Who knew?
    Seriously?That's Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, wife of Barry Shulman.According to the Hendon Mob: 28-Jul-06 United States $ 10,000 No Limit Texas Hold'em - World Championship Event37th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2006, Las Vegas 396th $ 30,512 11-Mar-06 International $ 10,000 Limit Hold'emPartyPoker.com Million V, Cruise 84th $ 16,000 21-Jun-05 United States $ 2,500 Omaha Hi/Lo36th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2005, Las Vegas 6th $ 41,285 23-Jan-05 United States $ 200 Ladies Event - No Limit Hold'emThe Sixth Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open, Tunica 26th $ 504 22-Jan-05 United States $ 3,000 No Limit Hold'emThe Sixth Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open, Tunica 23rd $ 6,678 21-Jan-05 United States $ 2,000 Limit Hold'emThe Sixth Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open, Tunica 10th $ 4,474 15-Jan-05 United States $ 200 Ladies No Limit Hold'em2005 WSOP Circuit Tournaments - Atlantic City, Atlantic City 14th $ 403 14-Jan-05 United States $ 500 No Limit Hold'em2005 WSOP Circuit Tournaments - Atlantic City, Atlantic City 17th $ 860 31-Oct-04 United States $ 1,000 No Limit Hold'em Final Day2004 Plaza Ultimate Poker Challenge, Las Vegas 14th $ 1,000 29-Sep-04 Aruba $ 500 No Limit Hold'em2004 Ultimatebet.com Poker Classic, Palm Beach 4th $ 5,587 05-Sep-04 United States $ 1,000 No Limit Hold'em2004 Plaza Ultimate Poker Challenge, Las Vegas 3rd $ 3,400 27-Aug-04 Ireland € 5,710 Episode 4The Gaming Club World Poker Championship (Pot Limit Hold'em), Dublin 5th 31-Jan-04 United States $ 300 No Limit Hold'em2004 L.A. Poker Classic, Los Angeles 16th $ 4,295 Jan-04 United States $ 500 No Limit Hold'emBellagio Weekly Tournaments - Jan 2004, Las Vegas 2nd $ 12,494 23-Feb-03 United States $ 200 Limit Hold'emLarry Flynt's Poker Challenge Cup - 2003, Gardena 8th $ 1,440 08-Feb-03 United States $ 1,500 Limit Hold'em Championship2003 L.A. Poker Classic, Los Angeles 20th $ 7,415 28-Sep-02 United States $ 500 Limit Hold'em2002 Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas 1st $ 22,310 24-Aug-02 United States $ 300 Limit Hold'em2002 Legends of Poker, Los Angeles 5th $ 8,410 26-Jul-02 United States $ 200 Limit Hold'emGrand Slam of Poker 2002, Gardena 14th $ 1,670 07-Jul-02 United States $ 100 Omaha Hi/Lo - 2nd Chance2002 Orleans Open, Las Vegas 6th $ 810 23-Oct-01 Costa Rica $ 10 No Limit Hold'em - Vince Burgio ChallengeHoward 'Tahoe' Andrew Celebrity Challenge, San Jose 10th $ 631
  5. Then, for some reason I just bet $75 on the next hand and hit a A4 then a 6 then a 7, then a 5.........booooom another 21 and I'm freerolling the rest of the night...
    I'm so confused :club: if you had Ace 4, then you got a 6, you have 21.....so no 7 or 5 neededIf you had a 4, then a 6, then a 7, then a 5.....now your total comes out to 22 :D
  6. I watched the Sit 'n' Go video and the 4-tabling O8b video. The O8 video was decently informative, but nothing you didn't already know if you're a winning O8 player. The Sit 'n' go video was very helpful, very informative, the only problem is that if was a 500 sit n go, so the play was a little bit better than you'll find in your typical 5 and 10 dollar sit n gos

  7. This is kind of a hypothetical play based out of home game hand that I played. We decided to play a 4 player freezeout, 1,000 chips each, blinds start at 5/10 and go to 10/20, then 25/50, then 50/100, 100/200, 150/300...etc.anyways, there are three people left, with stack sizes looking like this:Button: 500SB(me): 1000BB: 2500blinds are at 50/100button folds, I have 34s and decide to limp in since there hasn't been a ton of preflop aggression, and I still have some room to play. The bb raised 300 more to a total of 400. Now, normally I would just dump, however, the bb is my best friend, we've been playing poker together for about 2 years, and I pretty much have a dead on read of him. I've outplayed him just about every hand we've played this time, and he can't seem to figure out what I have. I played pretty tricky most of the time, check-raising all in on him at least 8 times, a couple times with flush draws and open enders, and also doing the same with huge hands to get them paid off. Although recently I lost a pretty decent pot to him when he actually had a hand, so I was back down to 1000. Anyways, with only 10bb I didn't feel like I needed to shove, but I also wasn't going to back down, because I needed chips and was pretty sure he had a hand like KJ, or A-9.....very mediocre big cards(per his usual style). The biggest problem was I knew that if I shoved he would call, so instead I decided the only way to take down this pot was to try and delay the resteal to after the flop, so I flat call, leaving me 600, and the pot at 800. The flop comes Q-8-3, and I push. He deliberates for a long time and calls me with K-J. Hits a J on the river and I'm out. We discussed the hand later and I told him I thought he made a bad call. He came back and said he thought I made a bad play. Obviously I wouldn't try this move on someone I wasn't sure about. I would have pushed whether or not I hit the 3, the point was I knew he was pretty weak and decided I could take down this sizable pot and then work my stack up from there. Just wondering what anyone thought of the play of the hand, if I'm a donkey or whatever.

  8. I was wondering if someone could possibly briefly discuss the PartyPoker Steps. What are they, how do they work, etc?I've seen them mentioned by several people as somewhat of a bankroll builder and was just wondering what exactly they were, since I'm not too much of a party poker player. Thanks for the advice in advance.

  9. I think he was referring to Raymer's skill in NL tournament poker. In that sense he's right. Raymer waited for the cards and played only the nuts. That's going to inevitably work every once in a while, but it is not going to accomplish what it takes to be an NL tournament great or someone who will revisit final tables many times. By literal profession, sure, he plays poker for a living now. If you want to talk about "for years", no, he was a lawyer previously by profession.
    That might be the most ignorant statement ever. Raymer is known for being very very aggressive and bullying the table when he has chips. Forget the fact that the television shows are so heavily edited that you can't form an accurate opinion about how somebody plays, did you even watch the middle episodes from the 2004 world series where he was at the table with Mike Matusow and John Murphy? Raymer might be one of the best right now when it comes to playing a big stack. Second, I wouldn't call making the final table of a prelim event in '05, 25th in the main event that year because of a beat, then final tabling the 2-7 even this year a fluke or someone who won't make it in tournament poker.
  10. Will products in the store ever be available for real money purchases rather than just FCP points? I know that Flopgear.com has a few t-shirts and hats available, but I was just wondering if perhaps I'd be able to buy something sometime soon instead of having to deposit and play a ton.

  11. This thread reminded me of a question I've been wondering about for a while, since I don't play much online.How do deals work online? Like, do you just have to play it out and then transfer money to the other players or how does it all work?

  12. 480This book is obv rigged because I'm pretty sure there's no way I'm that good.I tend to read situations very well, however, I think I scored high because of the multiple choice aspect. If I have three different bets I can make, I can pick out the right one, but picking the right one when you can literally make any bet is a bit harder, but I think my situation analysis is pretty good. I also think I made a lot of mistakes in the book by being too aggressive in late position with small pairs and mediocre hands like A-T and A-J.My favorite aspect of the book is the hands that involve pros playing against pros. It's a very good exercise in adjusting your play to how your opponents percieve you. A lot of the hands involving, for example, Phil Ivey are a bit different than traditional play. However, since Phil is such an extremely aggressive player, more people are playing back at him with nothing. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and it has me thinking about poker on such a higher level than I was before.

  13. welll...if you want to get really precise (SAGE is just an approximation) the unexploitable Nash Equilibrium strategy at this stack to blind ratio is for the small blind to fold 5 hands... 72o down to 32o (all suited hands are pushed), and the BB calls everything.Since most big blind/small stacks in this situation are actually not going to be as aggressive as the nash equilibrium strategy, and fold many of those marginal hands that actually lead to the nash strategy folding those 5 hands, an approximation of push everything from the SB is a better approximation than SAGE.
    well...nevermind thenthanks for your post, I see what you're saying and it's helpful
  14. I think folding is the best play.Using the SAGE heads-up system for optimal push-fold situations(which you can find in an aritcle on cardplayer):after the blinds are taken his stack is 3,000 which is an R(ratio of small stack to big blind) of 2(its actually 1.5, but we'll round up).With an R of 2, you should be pushing out of the small blind with the top 79% of hands, or if you've read the aritcle, a power index of 21. 7-2 offsuit is not one of these hands.The next hand, you'll be the big blind and they'll be the small blind. After blinds are taken, his stack will be 5,000 and that gives an R of 3(again, its 2.5 but we're rounding up). When he pushes from the SB, the BB should be calling with the top 70% of hands. The worst hand in this situation in which calling would probably be correct is 7-5 suited. Anyways, for those who would like the read the article, you can find it here:SAGE Heads-Up

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