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  1. In the Zone = Hitting a dream flop, letting everyone have a free card and letting the gutshot get there, then folding. seriously though dude, the reason you're getting flamed in this thread is becasue you made a post about how great your laydown was(very Hellmuthian of you)...when in reality you misplayed the flop in the first place and should have had a nice little pot against one opponent drawing very thin.

  2. I was asked to be the face of a new poker video game also. In this game you can actually go into "KidPoker mode" which means you can see everyone's hand and know when you are beat. There is a small glitch we are working on with that software, though, because currently the software makes you call anyway even when you are beat.
    But this made me crack up.
  3. ....it's my 21st birthday. I don't really post much, so I'm no expecting anyone to care. I read the forum everyday, and hoping to start posting a lot more, and contributing to the forum(especially in strat, it seems kinda dry in the stud and o8 forums)Time to start planning a trip over to Tunica(since I live in AL), anyone have any advice for Tunica? Like where the best poker room is?

  4. I'm listening to a mix right now. Dredg and Mars Volta. Some catch, some cielo, some comatorium, some frances.
    At The Drive-In >>>>>>>> The Mars VoltaI only bring this up because I'm listening to Relationship of Command right now.
  5. I was hanging out in the sick thread the other day, and realized I spend most of my time-wasting time there nowadays. I haven't given OTGeneral anything to be disappointed about in quite a while, so when I told this story to Speedz the other evening, I thought I'd donate it here, too. Of course, I forgot until now. Anyway, this is a pretty short one, and it's kinda choppy since I hammered it out in a real hurry.My friends and I used to get hammered and go on random college roadtrips all over the area. We'd invade some nearby school (Michigan State, for example) where we knew somebody, demand they throw a party, and ruin it for everybody by blacking out at 6PM and walking around the rest of our night with our balls out. There were some great moments, but here is my personal favorite.Okay, so we're in East Lansing, about 10 of us. Everyone's drunk, but I'm EASILY the worst. When I get hammered, I usually keep up a pretty convincing facade of semi-sobriety, so people who don't know me usually have no idea if I've even been drinking. Anyway, It's about 10ish, and I've blacked out (a pretty rare occurrence for me)) just as the party begins starting. I heard this from a few people the next day.A friend of mine is throwing the party, so he invites some people he knows into the house, and I'm on the back balcony drinking a beer and being cool. Matt brings a few people out back and introduces them. Being the genial gentleman I am, I ask them what they're studying. The guy goes inside, and the two girls answer "Political Science." At the time, I knew my fair share about PoliSci, so I started a conversation and charmed them with my wit and knowledge.Apparently, at some point, one of the girls got pretty intrigued in the conversation, and started making some bold contentions that I didn't agree with (something lame about economics that was just stupid). After one three minute rant, she asked, "So? What do you think?"Supposedly, I stroked my chin as if pondering a response with my right hand while looking serious. Then, held one finger in the air as if I'd come to a conclusion or had an "aha" moment."Well, here's what I think." And then I pointed at my crotch, where my left hand had been doing some work. "That's a balllllsy position."She looked disgusted and ran away, so I ran after her into the house screaming, "POINT, COUNTERPOINT! POINT, COUNTERPOINT!" with my nuts still just hanging down.I'm pretty sure this is all exaggerated, but I can't remember so I don't really know what happened. There are at least 100 pictures from that night of me or my friends posing with people we don't know, who don't know our balls are just floppin' around, so it's entirely possible that at least part of that is true.Wang
    This coming from the same guy who told me "Fabulous Muscles" by Xiu Xiu was too much to handle. lol.
  6. I find it amusing when I say I'm agnostic to people. Many Christians look at that like "Oh, so he REALLY knows... he knows there has to be a God" ... lol, then I look them straight in the face and I tell them that I don't believe God exists... I get the "wtf?! wait a second, you just said you were agnostic" response. Which is when I inform them that I am agnostic because you can't disprove God just like you can't disprove any other fairy tale that people like to create. I say this very openly without any aggression, but it seems like the words themselves stop most Christians from continuing the discussion. And I don't want it to seem like I'm looking for people to start these discussions with. I got a scholarship to a Christian university for tuba so I went for the money matters. I, of course, made quite a few new friends... and in being with friends, you learn things about people.... being "agnostically atheist" (haha my new made-up phrase for the day) seems to be something that spreads fast in a Christian university. Then I get singled out by all of the gung-ho "I can't leave people alone" Christians... bah. Don't worry, though, it wasn't my bad experiences that set me off about the religion. Ever seen the movie Jesus Camp? It's a documentary without a position that follows evangelicals through on of their "camps". They showed two sides... the evangelical's side (which they showed a lot of) and a radio announcer who was doing a show with the position against the actions of the religious fundamentalists. That movie, though, scares the absolute living hell out of me... this is the way people's kids are being raised? The sad thing is, at least they will be so uneducated that they will most likely never achieve any serious positions of importance in this society. That is sad, though :club: These fundamentalists short change their kids so much in life because of their own religious beliefs. AGHHHAGHAGHGHAGHAGHAHGAHHHAAGAGAGH that kills meoh yeah, we're talking about discrimination against atheists. Of course, being an atheist in this country almost has... rebellious tendencies to it because it is against the norm of our society. Therefore, there will always be those active atheist. People see that and peg atheism as these terrible "force your ideas on others" types of people. Just as Muslims are look at as militants... etc etc. Judgments from people who typically are just seeing what they want to see. I, personally (and my own friends who I know don't think God exists), don't search out people to pick my bones with. I like these forums because I am free to voice my opinion and I get many more varieties of a response from different types of people across the world. Otherwise, my mouth is usually as shut as I can keep it. I will say, though, I wish the Christians didn't think that they needed to bug everyone about their beliefs.. call it "witnessing" ... call it being forceful and foreword with your opinions... call it caring... whatever it is, just please stop! And then don't look at us like we're the crazy active ones trying to rid this country of everything dear to it.
    I had a sacrcastic comment all typed out, but I respect you and you seem like an intelligent person. I just want to say that if you want to be taken seriously on your argument that atheists are discriminated against, and that they're stereotyped as "these terrible "force your ideas on others" types of people", then it would behoove you to not do the same thing yourself by stereotyping Christians(as seen in the second bolded statement). With love.
  7. Indie/post-hardcoreartist: mewithoutYoualbum: catch for us the foxessong: January 1979It's hard for me to narrow down one song I think you guys should check out. If you like this song, then do yourself a favor and check out the rest of their catalogue. This is probably the most accessible of their harder songs. This band means a lot to me.okay, nevermind, I'm reccing another one.Indie/post-hardcoreartist mewithoutYoualbum: Brother, Sistersong: In a sweater poorly knitThis is their latest album and the last song on that album. It's starkly different from the song I first listed, as it's much softer with much more singing instead of shouting. It's a beautiful beautiful song. I first heard the song a few months before the album came out because they ended their set at one of their shows with it. It is one of those songs that just left me standing in place with my jaw open(ya, I may have teared up a little bit, so what, wanna fight about it?)

  8. I heard their newest single and absolutely hated it, much like every other single they've ever put out. However, just like every single that's come before it, I still find myself singing it at least once a day, then wishing I'd get sniped from a tree.
    haha, true enough. I hated their last album(although, the first single from that album was just too damn catchy for me not to like) and after hearing this new single, I was sure I was going to hate this one too, but I tried to give it an objective listen. Right now, I'm at the stage with this album where I'm not loving it, but I'm not hating it either.
  9. basically for the past few weeks I've just been listening to a lot of leaked albums:of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?(comes out Jan. 23) it's amazing, just simply amazing. I can tell already this will be top ten for me this year.The Shins - Wincing The Night Away (Jan. 23) also amazing. I don't know how it'll do overall this year, but its a ****ing great cd and definitely worth buyingFall Out Boy - Infinity On High ( Feb. 6) ya ya ya, say what you will about this band, but the singer can sing his *** off, and some of the tracks on here are really good. I'll probably end up buying this, though I'm still on the fence. I'm actually currently playing bass in a pop-punk band(with two of my best friends) so I'm not gonna sit here and try and act like I hate pop-punk. I hate most of it, because most of it is uninteresting bland garbage, but this band is actually going out on a limb and trying out some new things and some of the songs really hit, and some of them really miss. Other than that I have been listening to a lot of Justin Pearson's bands:The LocustSome GirlsHead Wound CityCheck out these bands(and no, I'm not going to tell you what they sound like, because that's part of the experience)

  10. This list was pretty good, I generally agree with most of what Pitchfork has to say. My favorite album of the year wasn't on there, but then again I didn't really think it was the BEST album of the year, just my personal favorite. I personally just wish Pitchfork would stop sucking The Hold Steady's ****. That album is garbage. Usually during December I listen to all my favorite albums from the past year or ones that I haven't heard yet. However, at the advice of the local indie music store guy I've been listening to some older albums....namely Telefon Tel Aviv "map of what is effortless" and The Notwist "neon golden".......if you haven't heard those two bands before I highly suggest checking them out. Telefon Tel Aviv is just phenomenal.

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