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  1. haha, its ok, I really appreciate the help your giving, I'm going to see if I can find an equation that I can just plug numbers into, but I think your method works well enough to use when I really need it, thanks a lot again
  2. oh ok, thanks for that, that will help a lot dealing with all ins pre flop and whatnot, I just have to make sure I'm getting this, so you take your number of "outs", if you have AJ, then you have Aces and Jacks, for 8 outs, you just multiply that by 5(community cards), then take the total unseen cards and divide by that number? the only thing I don't understand is how you from from 4.7 to 3.7 in your example...sorry if I'm being a little bothersome
  3. I know how to calculate pot odds and just about all the other math involved in the game, and I use math a lot, but how do you figure out the win percentages of starting hands without seeing a flop? what's the equation and/or method, like, what makes AA 4:1 against any other pocket pair?
  4. A lot of you are not giving Gus enough credit, his plays involve A LOT of math, just read the new cardplayer article on their website, and as far as Howard Lederer is concerned, anyone who says he is garbage is absolutely insane and must not look at anything except what they see on T.V. His NLH game maybe too "tight" as you guys say, but he's a very analytical player, and if you look at any other game you'll see his name near the top of the leaderboard just about everytime b/c he is very far from "garbage"
  5. What did you pay for them, or what would you take for them?
  6. I personally am a big fan of 2004 wsop final table.....Raise and a re-raise I believe, Dan Harrington on the button REraises to 1.2mil with 6-2 i believe, and gets all three of them to fold and takes down the pot....beautiful
  7. Hey, thanks for your post, I was debating on whether or not to buy this dvd, to the point of being in the store holding it in my hand wondering if it was worth it....I'm a big Hellmuth fan but MDPS seems like a DVD version of his book, which I've already read, but I think I might pick up his bluffing and tells dvd or the tournament one since you told us how helpful it was for you, thanks a lot
  8. Hey guys, thanks for all the advice, I'm really enjoying the feeling of community here on the forum, even though I'm a new member. On a side note, I think that as of late, Phil Hellmuth is one of the most underrated players on the circuit, noone seems to be able to see past his demeanor, but he still remains my fav. pro player
  9. This post has Two topics:First I'd just like to know why good tournament poker players don't get more respect. People diss Phil Hellmuth(yes, I am a big fan of Hellmuth's) for not being a good cash game player, and yes, I realize that a great player will be great at both(aka Brunson, Greenstein), I still don't think that's any reason to demerit Phil's accomplishments on the tournament circuit. Second, is kind of an aside to the first. I am a pretty decent Tournament player in just about every game, but I tend to lose more than I win at cash games, usually about halfway through the night I s
  10. I think the reason Omaha Hi/lo works so much better is because you get 4 cards, so you have more permutations of your opening hands that can create good hands for hi and lo, with stud hi/lo, each player has their own 7 cards, so each person gets their own individual hands to make hi and or low, with hold em, you using board cards and only two cards in your hand, so your options are severly limited as far as opening hand selection, and if you you pair your Ace or two for low, you don't have backup like you do in Omaha.
  11. I was looking at tournament winners the other day, and when Kathy Liebert won PartyPoker million 1 and Erick Lindgren(I think it was him) won PartyPoker Million 3 they both won over a million bucks, but when Howard won PPM2, he only won 262,0oo, why is that??
  12. Are there any cardrooms in the southeast, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia area that allow 18 yr olds in?
  13. I like playing all kinds of poker, but a lot of the players I play with in a home game only play No limit hold 'em(they saw it on ESPN and like it), anyways, we usually play straight NLH, I one time proposed the idea of playing straight limit hold 'em, I think that its pretty normal for a limit hold em ring game, but these players are your classis new NLH players, they say things like "you can't use mind games, you can't push people off hands, and the bets are too small"....how do I get these guys to at least think about playing limit hold 'em, or limit anything for that matter?
  14. I like the show, obviously its not a view into the real life of poker, but its an interesting show. By the way, where are you from in Bama??
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