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  1. Hi guys, First post so go easy. This is probably pretty straight forward for most but I can't come to a clear decision about this scenario. Live tourney, blinds and antes are starting to really move up and you're at a table full of maniacs. None of them are getting knocked out, their just trading chips around and I am card dead. I can't find an opportunity to steal becausing someone always seems to push. Blinds and antes are starting to hurt and cards have not been coming for 2 hrs. What do I do? Do I take a chance and gamble with my crap cards or do I sit back and watch my stack whittle away? This actually happened last week in a tourney to me and my decision then was to sit back and hope that a few players get knocked out and replaced. I ended up getting whittled down and was forced in with one of my crap hands which ended my tourney. Made the money but not top ten. If I could get some opinions that would be great and I'll check them when I get home after a session.Thanks

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