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  1. maybe Barry doesnt like Daniel N, and he is literally telling him to beat it.
  2. im going against what id normally think, and say the poker brat will win this one.
  3. wait, i thought everyone used 3 computers to 3 table =x
  4. the spelling pre-fix would be hard to comprehend if you were a dirty dutch :wink:
  5. haha hey was hopefully fun playin yesterday. Yeah I totally know i want the loose players to continue calling without odds but man when they hit sometimes i cant control myself. Overall i played all day yesterday and i went through many different phases lol, happy, sad, crazy, quiet... hah i had a good time though after like 6k hands.. ended up even lol
  6. phil made me laugh the entire time he was on the WPT episode. I think his poker style is too crazy for me, but damn is that guy funny.
  7. I just played 1k hands on PS, and i had the worst luck. ON the off chance i got a pre flop hand good enough to raise it would never hit, or it would get facking rivered. Feels like every time i have the odds to chase the flush or straight it never hits for me, but it always hits the other guy today. Only down 10 but it feels like it should be more.
  8. x300gtx, thats just crazy talk. Why even play poker, go buy some lotto tickets or something. You can totally grind your bank roll up at .02/.04 tables in a week to 20. Consider this a way to teach you some skills you need to learn, in a month youll be hitting some bigger limits... but play proper.
  9. How does phil expect people to take this seriously, i think phil is trying to connect with michael jackson =x
  10. hey smash my mom would love an autographed book, im sure she has one of yours.
  11. was good times on the low limits with ya jayson, we gotta do that alot more.
  12. nice, way to help the lil stack :-)
  13. yeah this has been said, but seriously play at limits you can afford and work your way up. the way you were playing is like playing russian roulette man... you keep playing and youre bound to get shot.
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