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  1. i actually had this situation come up a couple of weeks ago, but not exactly as you described it. In my particular situation, there were 2 players in a somewhat smallish pot. The river was put out prematurely, which is silly being as there were only 2 players, and the deck wasnt dropped on top of the muck, but rather completely mixed in with the muck. Thinking back, im pretty sure the turn action was 10 dollars, and there was about 30 in the pot. The problem i have with this situation is this, as a floor i can never justify putting dead cards back into play. That being said, what the heck
  2. RIP Chip, you will be dearly missed
  3. that def makes sense, having played with this guy for a couple hours i thought i might be in bad shape on the flop, which was why i just called, and definately i played the turn bad with set and low draw, i didnt like the set though and diamonds got there, but thanks for the input, been an up and down day so far, multi tabling for me is like splitting a pot in holdem, i get ahead on 1 and lose on the other, spinnin my wheels here
  4. thoughts on this one, ive been playing quite a bit more 0/8 lately and would like to improve my gamemaybe a lil brag too, but am going to post more hands so thats not my motiveTable 'Una II' 6-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: stevef210 ($25 in chips) Seat 2: AkuAku ($43.25 in chips) Seat 3: bajaguy1 ($43.75 in chips) Seat 4: biggswolll ($31 in chips) Seat 6: erniebell8 ($32 in chips) stevef210: posts small blind $0.50AkuAku: posts big blind $1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to biggswolll [2h 2s 5h 3d]bajaguy1: calls $1biggswolll: calls $1erniebell8: folds stevef210: calls $0.50AkuAku: checks *** FLOP
  5. ok, attitude gone. but dont you think it might have been more meaningful as a moderator to just say that in the first place, i mean, i really dont think being hateful and downgrading people is very helpful, but hey, thats just my opinion.
  6. so how would you have played the hand mr almighty?
  7. i would probably have raised the turn for info, but probably just call since you have no idea where your at on the river
  8. try working in a poker room, talk about drive you effin crazy
  9. <---sits patiently waiting for the 333 flop when your bb with the krablar
  10. just curious...why havent we seen the krabler yet?
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