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  1. :-) :-) Yeah congrats Daniel and best of luck with your wife & family!!! Also if you ever want a Golden Tee challenge let me know...... You got your challenge and here is mine: Me vs You - $50 a hole, play every course (or untill someone calls mercy) and see where we are at. I am no pro but got one at my house too and it would be fun....And thanks for the great writing you have done, I made my first TV table last month and some of your insight really helped me, thanks man!!! Aric - ferrisbuellr -
  2. Dude, it looked like an awesome time.....There is no doubt that Daniel is the man....!!!!Too cool...But I can take him at Golden Tee 8) .
  3. Is there a bad beat section....if not maybe add one and it will cut down on the poo poo.
  4. First off I know losing in no fun. But sometimes when people get a bad beat and start pounding the table, yelling at the player that just took them out calling them stupid/crazy/idiot/ect. it really makes me mad. I mean it is just a game and if your spending your rent/child support/PG&E money on gaming you are crazy.....As Phil Laak says "Christopher Reeves aka Superman, falling off a horse and breaking his back on a rock is a bad beat. Not losing with 10 10 vs. 99." Or something like that...be a good sport and move on with it...GL
  5. Well thats pretty obvious. I just wanted to know if you thought some people might do better with the booze, ie. Scotty Nguyen,Moneymaker ect...I just read an interview with Chris Moneymaker saying he drinks beer to get his game going...Like I said earlier, if I stick to 2-4 maybe, I am fine, but 5-12+ and I am no good, and I am a solid drinker. GL ALL!! And respect the juice.
  6. First off I am a big fan of the booze, especially beer. I have found out through the years that I play much better poker when I have no beer, or maybe 1 or 2 to take the edge off. As soon as I start hitting the beer hard, my game, stamina, and skill go right down the toilet. So I know some people thrive on it sometimes (Scotty Ngynen, Chris Moneymaker, Men The Master ect....) but I really do play a much better game when I dont drink. SO my word of advice is if you want to be a serious poker player dont drink.....LMK what you think.
  7. Yeah I would have to say you have to block this guy out...and if you cant take it or if it get over the line (Tony G was very close, but I am not sure he went over...I have seen much worse....cranked out loudmouths are THE worst, winning or losing....) then talk to the floor manager and have him issue a warning or penelty. I am just glad that Surinder won!!! GL ALL & thanks again Daniel for the great site and poker!!!
  8. God I hope not....she is allright but I wouldn't pay money to see her in the buck....dude shes like 40......anyway here is one: What do you call the hair between you grandma's tit's???????Answer: Her Pusssy.Ok Ill stop right there....saggy titties suck.....unless your an old timer, than any titties are good....hehehe....gl.
  9. Here is a classic I saw at the local casino....This guy was a classic "tweeker" too....Anyway the shirt said: " I am on TILT, F*%k Off" -- A little vulgar but I liked it....GL All!
  10. Yeah thats what I thought too, but the blinds were going up every 15 minutes and the table was so slow the blinds were up every 4 hands or so and I couldnt see 2 guys and allways thought it was my blinds but it wasnt...total nightmare. 9-10 people is enough. Stay away from Angie' Collusion Room - --- - - - - - - Stay aware------------- GL ALL!!!! Ferris
  11. I was playing at my local no class card room last night and decided that I would try there weekly touny.....To make a long and painfull story short, the house had 58 people sign up and only had 3 tables open. So in there genius they sat 13 people at a table (plus dealer) with people rotating in after someone gets bumped out....Has anyone, anywhere ever played a tourny with 13 people at atable, at a B&M cardroom????? I hadn't. The place was a total joke....And to kick it up a level, the dealers would look at peoples folded hands (while flashing them also to players next to them) and joke a
  12. I play in a lot of home games(usually no more than 1000.00 buy in) at various spots and all the decks arent the same at every house...I dont think I am getting cheated because we allways use new cards, and I usually win,but still these deck have to be passed around and if they could be detected it would be VERY usefull in future games where the possibiltiy arrises....And just in case I got to break Doyle down one time, hehehe just joking....But if anyone really know the true test please LMK.
  13. I still want to know if anyone knows how to detect these "white flash" cards......very scary stuff man......please LMK. thanks!
  14. I know about the card benders (helmets in my book)... But in some of the posts made by that Russ G guy, he said that there were treatments put on cards, and if you had a special pair of contacts/glasses, you could make out a card number and suit....I was just wondering if that was detectable.....black light???LMK please. Ferris.
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