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  1. I would love to see the absolute FCP forrest fire if one of us average joe's started this thread. NH sir
  2. LMAO I just pray to God she is not as good looking as the woman in your avatar....Based on my looks she has nothing to worry about but i would hate to kick some ***
  3. LOL i Pray i wont be "That guy" but by far the best day ever....Puts poker and life in general into perspective....Take your "Bad Beats" easy guys....it could always be worse... LOL i lost it at your post man....I PRAISE God she isn't as big as your avatar but stats are as follows.....Mackenzie Taylor Flatt....Female.....7 lbs. 12 ozs........22 inches long......Not even a day old......BEAUTIFUL............Future Jenn Harmon I HOPE
  4. Hey yall...I know i am "NEWB" myself but i just wanted to brag a lil....and no not about poker My wife and i just had our first daughter earlier this morning and just wanted to boast a little. Now please don't FLAME this one LOL...Better than any pot I have ever drug at the tables
  5. I'm about to get into some Turbo but just not with you. I'm just sayin is allGL
  6. You meant borrow a dentist right? Just wondering
  7. Does Gigabit's avatar just absolutely repulse anybody else or is it just me?? Just curious is all
  8. Yes i do enjoy using them when the situation calls for it. Thank you for acknowledging that (but not really)
  9. Touche Touche (but not really)Also, thank you missidaho
  10. It's kinda my thing for some reason. Not sure why(but not really)
  11. WTF?? What is wrong with you people? I do agree the "Tramp Stamp" in itself is trashy but on Annie Duke????? Drop dead sexy (but not really)
  12. You are probably right but what the heck ya know? Never did anything back then but lurk so oh well no problems (but not really)
  13. Nope not him. It is nice to be recognized right away though. Thank you (but not really)
  14. Hey yall. I have been lurking around this site since it's inception and was actually a charter member but i forgot all my info and cant find it so i had to start a new name. Just wanted to say hello and i look forward to interacting with you assclowns. J/k (but not really)
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