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  1. Hey DN, I saw the deepstacked addition in the highstakes and i think it's great that you can make those modifications easily by yourself and that fast.I was wondering if there was a reason there were no tables higher than 5-10$ for heads-up?Personnally, I play 10-20 hu for about 90% of my hands and I'd be real happy to move a part of my bankroll on stars to play that limit there.Thanks :]
  2. urindanger > daniel negreanu at nolimit holdem.The guy was acting like he was a beginner.
  3. hAhahaha I know, this guy would beat up daniel pretty good in a nolimit cash game...Funny how daniel got leveled
  4. dont worry, ive also heard a LOT of bad things about the wii.
  5. Didn't DN once say he actually played a bit better when he was a bit tired?
  6. No it doesn't, unless someone cares about you, which is clearly not the case here.
  7. Daniel, what did your face look like after the JJJKK check from Tilly? Was it more the :0 Phil-ivey like face? Or the :\ Lindgren-face trying to keep himself from laughing?Or maybe the ¬_¬ slightly-disgusted-Harman face?
  8. Someone saying Hussein supported Al-Qaeda is qualified to be called a clueless moron.
  9. LOL, now you're saying the US didn't support the coup that removed Allende?(and I mean supported more than morally)Gosh... it's like talking about aerospace with someone who doesn't believe there were men on the moon...
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