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  1. oops sorry my stage name is Angel Amore & i'd love to. message me and i'll give you my im
  2. I will take your bet. Call me. Send me a mssage i'll give you my number luver. xoxo
  3. Sombody not gettin any luvin, sugar? got some for ya. Be nice. xoxo Julie
  4. You're mean. You should call me if you need some luvin. I would liike to talk to girls though.
  5. you're mean.. i was afraid to join andnow you are notbeing nice to me. Need some luv? I got sum for ya. Please be nice 2 me sweetie. Julie
  6. thank you. You are very sweet. xoxo Julia
  7. Dunno, but a photographer in LA took nude pictures of me for a website. I signed a models release for his internet site. He then used them in a xxxmagazine. & i didn't get paid any xtra.
  8. Thank you for the welcome. You're sweet. Julia
  9. Hi, I'm a new girl to this forum. Are there any other ladies here? Lots of testosterone so I wanted to give a shout out to the sistas. Any takers? I met Jennifer Tilley at the Commerce. She so sweet! She told me there is a tourney cumming up for ladies. Could somebody be sweet & point me to more information?
  10. I think Jack Harris is kinda hot.
  11. That is wrong of WPT to use people's pictures and not pay them.
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