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  1. Dang! was sooo hoping to get that pot, well thanks for the rail!!
  2. yay!, need a double up tho! card dead now, but all in baby!
  3. comming in chip leader!!mark_999 on starsone time so i don´t have to go work today!!!
  4. sick call bro, can you explain your thinking and how on earth you made that sicko call
  5. There should be more pros this year at the event considering Daniel crushed it last year giving the event more publicity.I'll be down there , Im sure Merby will also be there!
  6. i totally blew it heads up, i just got too excited and acted way to quickly,oh well, happy with the money!! weeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. 11$ ko tourneybiztram on full tilt!!!1400 for 1st!
  8. Wow, you sure know how to pick off bluffs! nicely done sir
  9. Lets see some of these sicko calls, post them here! It would also be awsome to see the reasoning behind these calls.One of the sickest calls i've seen was at the WSOP where hellmuth flatted a raise pre with QQFlop came AQ4, Hellmuth check callsTurn A hellmuth check callsriver 10, hellmuth leads, guy raises, Hellmuth stands up, and he's like, i know something didn't feel right...he thinks and thinks, standing up, walking around, and just calls!!!!! WOW! Mr hellmuth, you son of a biitch, how do you just call there?guy showed AA for quads
  10. terrible call with 88, wow,HU now
  11. Those DOG GONE Gutshot back door flush drawss
  12. Here at work now using the proxy!, works good, but slow....but i guess i really have no where to be , So Go ahead proxy, be slow! i don't care..
  13. weeeeeeeeeee thanks! i´ll give it a go at work today, now work won´t be so bad after all
  14. lol i work answering calls too, 1 time i actually downloaded pokerstars and started playing 25-50c , now a days they have alot of poker webites blocked i can´t even go on fcp at work anymore. anyone know how to do proxys?
  15. haha good story, i would definently do something like that if i had money to blow
  16. Well, i´m off the the Molson Canadian KEG PARTY!!!!!! so pre drunk post!So stoked me and my buddy won tickets to it and they´re flying us out there in 3 hours!!I ****ING LOVE THOSE MOLSON GIRLS!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  17. mark_999

    Job In Vegas

    God dammmit i want an ice cap!
  18. Tim hortons is the nuts! bagel belts & ice caps ftw!
  19. you know what i´d do if i had a million dollars?2 chicks at the same time man
  20. These answers would be great.I am extremely interested in running for you. I mostly play No limit but have played some limit as well i´ve read some books on Limit.If you want to check my stats its mark_999 on pokerstarsLooking forward to grinding 2-4!
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