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  1. AAHHHHH!! nevermind the max they will allow you to bet is only 75$ lol....i even called them and asked if i could up the bet....denied :(still gonna be a free 50$
  2. Yeah bro!!! I´m thinking this might be a sure bet...thinking of putting down 1K. Can´t really think of any reasons why people wouldn´t want to play this event....and if they havn´t played it...why wouldn´t they want to try it?
  3. Bodog is laying 2/3 odds. Even know its an Ante only tournament and it´s brand new to the wsop, I dont think that will discourage players from playing it.
  4. I´m planning on putting a bet on Bodog for this. What do you guys think?Event #27 - $1500 HORSE Event #49 - $1500 Ante Only No-Limit HoldemThe Ante only tournament is new to the WSOP but I think It should still draw a large croud...larger than the horse event.
  5. Seemed like a pretty legit guyhttp://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/12710...ver-and-doorman
  6. wasn´t playing, just got unregistered. but i think people got paid out based on their chip stack? not sure
  7. I just got un registered from all my tournaments??? And now I can´t find them in the lobby...this is weird...
  8. True Ace, Im on your table in the 11$ rebuy just won a pot against you with QQ
  9. Emailed, I'm on a restricted computer tho, & i have limited access to downloading stuff because im not the administrator. Just gonna google if there is a way around this
  10. Hey how did you fix this?I'm at work right and want to play but it's giving me the same error message!!!Any help would be appreciated!!
  11. Havn´t posted in whileUpdated : I´m DrunkCame 3rd in a 11$ 180 man for 235 today., Day off work, Drinking Rum and coke BOOO YAAAAAAA!
  12. What Is Matusows biggest loss and win in a cash game?
  13. Very rare to see this so i thought i´d post it here!!!!Full Tilt Poker Game #17962368651: $8 + $0.80 Tournament (135714439), Table 6 - 10/20 - No Limit Hold'em - 17:13:48 ET - 2010/01/27Seat 1: karloss36 (1,770)Seat 2: Selindek (1,990)Seat 3: spinks101 (1,970)Seat 4: knio (1,960)Seat 5: 15 old mills (1,970)Seat 6: smitchell15 (1,940)Seat 7: shishiee (2,760)Seat 8: wreckanigg (980)Seat 9: haszaby (2,570)wreckanigg posts the small blind of 10haszaby posts the big blind of 20The button is in seat #7*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to 15 old mills [Qs 8h]karloss36 foldsSelindek raises to 60spinks101 has 15
  14. Wicked Movie. I encourage everyone to watch this. It can truly change the way you think in a more positive way.Here is the 1st 20 min of it... I really got alot out of this.All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The more you talk about what you dont´want in your life, you will get more of it.
  15. Saved a hand from back in 2007, figured it was the biggest suck out ever...PokerStars Game #12016279877: Hold'em No Limit ($1/$2) - 2007/09/12 - 12:32:51 (ET)Table 'Sniadeckia' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: paulw2 ($134.35 in chips) Seat 2: gokings1 ($207.60 in chips) Seat 3: Tru_Dat ($187.30 in chips) Seat 4: battletoad2 ($230.45 in chips) Seat 5: mark_999 ($192.05 in chips) Seat 6: SooCrispy ($220.10 in chips) Seat 7: TheMinion ($323.05 in chips) Seat 8: AllTheWay33 ($564.55 in chips) Seat 9: jbpf ($278.90 in chips) mark_999: posts small blind $1SooCrispy: posts big blind $2*** HOLE CA
  16. Any Talks of a pokerstars sponsorship gibler?
  17. Well done sir!!!!! Thats soooooooooooooo awsome! set for life basically!
  18. I really want to try the ¨300¨work out. Has anyone tried it?http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/feat...n-you-handle-it
  19. WOOO!! Time to drink and celebrate!!!!
  20. wow that guy!! WTFHe was on my buddys table for like an hour and he shouldn´t have won! It was very close to the bubble and my friend had KK and he had QQ, all in preflop My friend had him covered, he spiked a Queen on the flop , Killer and a luckbox , terrible combo
  21. lol where abouts in kamloops do you live?
  22. I love pineapple, but it hurts the roof of my mouth sometimes, its the worst
  23. yeah pretty much, if i dont´go, i won´t get in trouble or anything, i work at a call centre, so if 1 agent out of 200 don´t show up, it´s not really a big dealim already late for work, but i dont´care! i just won like 3 days pay, ( im not highly paid ) lolbut i´ll prob roll in there in about an hour, i´ve already called my boss and told him im running late due to family problems hhehe
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