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  1. Doesn't a little piece of you wish they could have this core in the pre-salary cap era?
  2. I was trying to make a joke of it, hence the 4.5, since he's been reporting it for the past week and a half, and since its clear that people on this board don't like/trust hockey buzz
  3. That was my thought, but I figured if he was gonna retire, he would have told Yzerman to not invite him. Maybe this will make room for Savard
  4. I can't believe he only won 2 cups, seems like it was/should have been more. Wonder if he'll play for the canadian team in the olympics (was that covered in his presser? Guess I'll go to TSN to find out )
  5. after watching the pens championship dvd, billy guerin is my new favourite non geno/sid player. Seriously, why does he have to be 38 instead of like 34 or so, so that we could have 6 more years of him? Just an awesome interview, seems great in the room, good on the ice. And its really neat to see how he and a kid have formed a real bond.Also - at the end of the DVD, sid is on the bench hugging someone that starts with the #2, but they never show the back of his jersey, and you can hear Sid saying, 'thank you for everything', who that be, any guesses, etc?
  6. I brake for tilt.Its like the old bumper stickers that would say "I brake for field mice"...
  7. Interesting off-season from the Ducks. They clearly got better offensively, but then lose Pronger and Beauchemin. Push.
  8. I was born in Ohio (although I shuffle between Ohio, Indiana, and Toronto now). I'm a fan of the Pens, Colts, Cubs, and Bulls. I've been a fan of those 4 teams, and only those 4 teams, since the late 80s, early 90s. I guess its easy to understand why I liked the Pens and Bulls - they had the best player(s) in the game, and eventually started winning, cementing why I liked them. The Cubs and the Colts, no clue, loveable losers, I guess. :DI did pick teams that were close, don't know why I never liked the Bengals or the Browns, and I picked up on my family's hatred for the steelers, so thats
  9. Im saddled with being a die-hard Penguins fan but I cannot stand, and am, in fact, driven to the edge of puking, when the Steelers do well, so your picture stirs mixed emotions in me.
  10. Would rather miss Max for the first month and have him come back 100% than have him labor through an entire season.
  11. so we'll pencil the leafs in for 82 GA, but an 0-82 record next year?
  12. why does it say on eklund that there's rumors jack johnson might be joining pitts? I don't know if this is a new posting... I heard a rumor last time I was in TO, Staal for JJ, I really hope thats not happening...
  13. I will say this: I love the Adams, Feds and Billy signings, I mean, its great to see all of them take less to stay with the team, but (and maybe this has happened and we just dont know all of the behind the scene crap) I was hoping that some of the big name wingers that were on shitty teams, are labeled as losers, etc... one of them would have taken a big pay cut to 1) play with the two best young players in the game (you can remove the word young from that, if you want) and 2) play on the cup champs. I actually understand why underpaid players like Gill and Scuds want a big pay day, they ha
  14. I oringally thought nothing would come of it, but Darren Dreger is making it sound as if its a big deal. I don't think a reporter would trump up a story just to get attention.Would he?
  15. What makes it even more interesting/weird is that the Bruins wanted to trade Kessel for Kaberle, who carried a 4.5M cap hit. They would still need to move something if they made that move, I don't know who it is on their roster they want to move, but it seems they have someone in mind.
  16. this chicago story is huge... Versteeg, Barker, Ben Eager, Aaron Johnson, Colin Fraser and Troy Brouwer could all become UFAs because of a mistake made with paper work being filed? jeepers, thats bad.http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=283634
  17. Btw, Rumor has it that the Pens are interested in Jay McKee, if that happens, I will admit that I jumped the gun a little yesterday. I still think they need a piece, but there is time. I think, just watching how Scuderi fought, kicked, clawed, scratched, sacrificed, etc... to do what it took to win, you want guys like that. And I hate seeing teams like the Caps and Flyers get better (presumeably). Although I think the Flyers have basically a one year window since they gave away so much for Pronger.
  18. Sorry, I'm colour blind. Anyhow, I didn't see this posted yet, the Pens re-up Feds, 1 yr, 1.8M.
  19. They are kids in terms of their NHL experience. Further, I watched Goligoski play last year when Gonchar was hurt. I realize that everyone was playing 'a level up' so-to-speak with Gonch out, but I was far from impressed. I'm not saying that Scuds and Gill were the greatest ever, but they were important role players, and I think that if Lovejoy or Golo were ready to be 82 gamers, we would have seen more of them last year. Further, you say they were likely to leave, but almost all of your post-season posts were coming up with ways to get Scuds back. I'm not trying to be antagonistic, I jus
  20. trading two veteran, stay-at-home, know-your-role defensemen for two kids. Sounds great!I understand that they'll be able to fill out the roster. I get that they'll just bring someone up. Losing those 2 is a big hurt to the Pen's blue line, especially their PK. If you disagree... uhm... I don't know what to say:)
  21. hm, losing Gil AND Scuderi. Pittsburgh's blueline doesn't look as good anymore.
  22. Whats confusing to me is the whole league watched how the leafs situation played out the past 2 seasons, and now this, and teams are STILL giving players no-movement clauses. Don't do it, folks. Just stop. The leafs gave one to Komisarek, granted, it was a limited one, and he'll submit a list of 12 teams he'll go to each season, but stop putting yourself in this spot.
  23. Im not being 'angry guy'... this guy is a boil on the ass of society. First, he gets drunk, gets behind the wheel of a car, does 500mph, and *Murders* his best friend. He does no time for it but still demands a trade because he cant deal with the situation that HE created. Then he gets to ottawa, a situation HE begged for, proceeds to play on the most overrated line in the history of hockey, couldnt find his own zone with a map, a guide, and a zamboni, and then when the team has the balls to hire a coach that might make him do work, he demands ANOTHER TRADE. Now, the GM works out a trae an
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