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  1. no you were realy in his throat, said you gonna bust him etc (when he got busted, you paid him a beer, but you were mean as hell in my eyes)
  2. the only time i didnt like you, was when you started attacking a person for being drunk while playing (a tv tournament for pro players, Binger one the first)why do you dislice alcohol at the table?
  3. Exit the AbsurdistOur player from before -- the Guinness drinker who had stood pat and called down with Q-Q-T-T-9 -- has been eliminated. In his last hand, he apparently held onto two aces, discarding the other three cards. (Aces are high here.)"Rebuy!" he said, holding up two one-dollar bills, on losing the last of his chips.Looks like he found the exit okay.
  4. works finehttp://www.wsopbwin.com/index.php?forcepla...lang=en?lang=en
  5. aint it true that the wife of phill h is a shrink? talk about beeing married to the job
  6. somone on wrong tablebut seat number is right k should be in seat 6 and daniel in nr 5
  7. if you start atlking about your sextoys , im out of here
  8. so i guess daniel is an exelent driver huh?he knows the limit
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