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  1. What I don't get is why there have been lots of people being just complete assholes. You don't have to be the biggest prick in the world if you want to get your point across.That being said, though, despite their prickish antics, they are right.You win those hands a milliontimes as a severe overdog, and the only reason why you lose them are because of random fluctuations of just dumb luck.
  2. She's the chick you would bang any day of the week, but wouldn't want to take to a party with your friends in fear she'd talk about the latest Star Wars gossip.On the side note, I still think Clonie Gowen is the hottest..
  3. OKAY GUYS.Buying those sunglasses will NOT help you look like Prahlad Friedman.
  4. I laughed.. hard.And at the penis one, too.Sad thing is, though, she looks like she'd rather chase a hotdog than the WSOP bracelet.
  5. Jamie Gold made me happy. Really happy.
  6. Is she related to Kathy Liebert?
  7. I think Gavin Smith's impersonation of Ivey is the funniest.
  8. The title of this is misleading!!I thought this was a discussion about her butt tattoo..
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