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  1. no but i do know that guy its unfortunate that its was such a bad call cause it was a heck of an ending either way
  2. az waz pointd ot n anuther thread 2 useless post for toooo myne azzzz wll go fr the trifecta
  3. just becAUSE U WENT 2 UW AND ARE NOT LOOKINg forward to an as.s kicking dont be so bitter
  4. go oklahomago fresno state61 days till we kick your *** baby
  5. lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol
  6. Clearly Phil Ivey has lost his edge and just cant win in the US anymore maybe he should just quit playing and keep making money off DN play golf. Its very sad to see his demise and the fall in his skill level, clearly most people here could even beat him even DN who clearly is washed up and past his pime as well what a shame.
  7. Guys stop being so mean he cant help it that hes gay he was born that way you are sooooooooooooooooooooo mean stooooop it!
  8. Thanks thats what it is what i had seen by searching on the internet so it seems pretty standard.
  9. This is to all the dealers out there or anyone else who might know, I have two questions is there a standard shuffle procedure that is the same at all casinos or does it vary by casino. If you are a dealer could you post your HAND shuffle procedure and how long it takes you. Thanks for all the help.
  10. This is a dumb question and yes if i newb but whats nutbarring
  11. Yeh i would there would have to be a happy medium between really high and really low in order for you to maximize your profits
  12. Well i just thinking that it shouldnt make a difference but i suppose there would be because theres probobly gonna be more suck outs and what not in lower limits unless im just kinda missing what your thinking
  13. rather small stakes nlnot that it would necessarily make a difference stakes wise
  14. Ok any other input is appriciated ive been hovering around 55 for about quite a while and i was just curious if you could post your results and precentages thanks
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