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  1. [former location of a picture of my buddys SUV post head on collision with a deer]VVVVVVVVVVVVV
  2. I can't call the Panthers a lock. The Saints have really been impressive, but still they are the Saints. I'm staying away from this game. Brees has given the Saints new life. I just can't bet against the 3-0 Saints, but I also can't bet with the Saints... and the 7 point spread doesn't help much.My lock is the Jaguars over the Redskins... Jaguars played the Colts really well last week. They let the game get away, but this week they play the Redskins. Jaguars managed Peyton fairly well, and this week they have to deal with a bruised up Brunell. Skins one dimensional offense will struggle with a
  3. Or you could bet $5 on a 7 game parlay and potentially make $500 plus... I think the Jaguars -2.5 is a pretty good one... also the Rams -5.5.. the Browns -2.5... and then it gets tough... Bengals -6.5... Vikings PK... Chargers -2.5... Indy could be a good one, I originally like the Dolphins, but am getting a little scared... I got 13 $5 parlays out... going from 6 way to 10 way. My lowest possible pay out is 234.06... my highest is 3,468.58... Colts, Chargers, Vikings, Rams, Bengals, Jaguars, Browns, and... (Bears, Phins, Falcons, Saints?) I'm not ballsy enough to put 50 down on one parlay...
  4. So who are y'all liking in week 4? I normally do some parlays, and then one "sure thing" to hedge em. I'm about hit big, or break even. Anyway... here's my picks this early...Colts @ Jets... Colts win SU... Jets MIGHT cover, but I doubt it. Colts -9Chargers @ Ravens... Ravens disappointed me against the Browns... I wonder if they will turn it around, or if being at home will help enough... Chargers -2.5Vikings @ Bills... at -/+1 all you got to do is pick the winner... Bills -1Cowboys @ Titans... Cowboys should win SU, and should cover... Cowboys -9.549ers @ Chiefs... Chiefs missing Green, 49e
  5. It could be worth a shot. I would say set goals...For example... Lose $X or Win $X per day... if winning after passing $X keep playing, but if you start slipping cash out with more than your daily goal. If you are going to treat it like a job, you got to think of it like one. You have to make a pay check.
  6. I don't play for a living, but I would think one thing to worry about is swings... If you run cold for a while, are you going to be able to pay your bills? What if you go bust? I don't know what your BR is, or what stakes you plan on playing. I would say like being a professional athlete, you need a back up plan.
  7. Well, the Jets @ Bills game is tough. Both teams have been suprising. But I like the Bills -6 at home for the first time this year... but I'm not putting a lot of stock in that one.Kind of the same with Bengals @ Steelers. Bengals have done good, but Steelers stunk it up last week. They are the favorite this week and are at home. Tough to call, but if I had to... Bengals +2 sorry Ozium Jaguars @ Colts... Jaguars did well last week, but this week they visit the Colts who will get off to another great start this year. Colts win straight up, but beware of the spread... still... Colts -7.Titans
  8. So I am getting away from Bodog for poker and sports betting (lines suck)... Because you got to prove who you are 100 times when you want to cash out/deposit. I checked my account and I had been given a bonus for $5.62. So instead of going through the hassles of cashing it, or having to sit through an all in fest in a poker tourney I decided to lay it on a NFL parlay. I just picked the ones I was comfortable with, which wound up being 6. I almost threw in a couple of over/unders, but good thing I didn't (would have been wrong). Anyway, low and behold my parlay hit, and I turned $5.62 into $299
  9. If you have a player agreeing with you, and no players are disagreeing... tell the dealer to stop (so you may still know where in the deck your cards are) and get the floor.Explain the situation, and get that other player to vouch for you. If no players disagree, it may not be a big deal. If a player wants to disagree and argue, you could pull the 'check the camera' card.
  10. It probably appears to them that you have multiple accounts in the same household. If money was transferred from your account to his account on the same computer, I would call that suspicious activity. Now as to why you have not received a reply... I don't know, maybe they are backed up or perhaps they are still trying to make a decision on your case. Just keep emailing them, or even better call.
  11. That's what I was looking for. The only other thing I could think of is. Unhook it, install the software, hook it up and see if it finds the driver then. I searched and I can't find a driver download... just the software. But I can't find where it says the driver is included in the software download or anything.Sorry.
  12. The PC should do something, I would think. Like I said, add new hardware routine or new hardware found. Sounds like a bad connection somewhere. The PC should pick it up.
  13. Does the Treo give that error? Does the computer do ANYTHING? Your computer shoud recognize that something is trying to talk to it. If it isn't then you may need to check your USB drivers. Do this...Right click my computer and go to properties then hardware tab. Click device manager. Is there anything on that list showing the a red x?
  14. the drivers for the device aren't on the phone? When you put it on the cradle (hooked to the pc) does it go through the adding new hardware routine? What does it say afterwards? I can't find any device drivers available for download, only software and updates for the keyboard, wifi etc.
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