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    Fav song AC/DC Hard as a rock!
  1. I'm sure it was one of those creepy info guys that did it
  2. Enzyte BOB


    Greatest support EVER!!!!!!YOU DA MAN!
  3. Gals like that is bad for buisness
  4. wanna go on a float trip with me???
  5. Enzyte BOB


    Beans that flagpole in your sig reminds me of something. Im not sure what though.I'll think about it after the wife brings me a tall glass of tea. Gotta go now, as the neighbors are standing around the pool waiting for me to dive in.
  6. CALL FOR YOUR FREE SAMPLE PACK TODAY!!! And start livin large and in-charge!
  7. I enjoy the h.o.r.s.e tourneys.Probably since I have so much in common with a horse
  8. just lookie here at this and see if you can make a jokeOOOOH!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! (neighbors at poolside)didnt think so
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