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  1. I've busted a few times. To recover, unfortunately I just go back to working at a regular job until I feel like I have enough money to play again comfortably. I feel lucky enough at this stage of my life to be able to go broke and bounce back a few months later because as it stands now, I don't have anyone to take care of other than myself.
  2. For the droves of women that flock to me while I'm sitting at the table. sw
  3. I'm only seeing options for real money deposits at the cashier page though. I think I'm just blind.
  4. How do I reaload play chips on FCP?
  5. I should be there, under private play money tables 10-20 no limit.
  6. I posted this in general as well, thought I'd post it here too since off topic seems to be better nowadays. I'm getting ready for a heads up tourney in a couple of weeks and am looking to practice online. I don't want to deposit any money, so if anyone wants to play for play money on FCP to help me out, I got a private table ready to go. Thanks in advance.
  7. So, I'm playing in a heads up tourney in a couple of weeks and am looking to get in some practice online. I don't want to deposit any money, but if anyone wants to play some heads up for play money on FCP to help me out, that would be great. It's under private tables. THE_ANDYAA0's HE. Thanks in advance.
  8. Well, it's official, after Saturday's defeat to Liddell, Randy Couture is officiall retired. Let us all tip our glasses to one of the sport's greatest athletes and ambassadors.
  9. Arlovski looks good because he isn't fighting in Pride. He isn't fighting people like Fedor or Crocop. He's fighting the big dumb slow heavyweights in UFC. Anyone remember what happened to Lidell when he went over to Pride to fight Jackson? I think Arlovski going over would be a lot like that.
  10. 37 bottles of beer on the wall37 bottles of beertake one down pass it around...
  11. I love this game, and have beens starting to play it more on UB. If we could revive this forum, that would be great.
  12. So I used to have a bankroll before I blew it on stupid shit. Now I'm starting to play cards again and building up a roll. With that being said, I'm moving into strategy. If some of the locals could give a shoutout in this thread just so I know who frequents here often, that would be great.
  13. I wish I was a tornado, so I could kill them all swiftly.


    I can only find a calculator in my junk drawer, and it's not helping me open up this bottle of beer!
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