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  1. really? Havent really ever heard his name mentioned on the forums outside of his WPT stuff and what Mike the Mouth thinks of him (which you can guess but its quite colorful), but that could be because Patrick bad beated mike pretty good a few times (like going all in with a gutter, etc). Anyway, Id pick Dags or Thomas keller for nominations for being really good HU online players.
  2. TO the bb question, like everything it depends on who the players are.As far as OPs situation, easy call in the sb.
  3. You guys really expect to make a live heads up offer on a forum, and have someone fly out and play you? LOL.If you were serious you'd do a freezeout on Party, Pstars, UB, etc...you are making offers that you know how no real expectation of being seen through...even if he accepted your challenge.If smash says he'll play you but he isnt traveling...then get your ass on a plane. Otherwise all this bickering is pointless...if u really wanted a challenge to happen, you'd play online.
  4. Dont know if thats possible, but godspeed. (it really is a ton of post-age to read)Edit: fixed the fix I tried to fix while editing but just ended up unfixing...now its fixed.
  5. Maybe you've heard of him, hes a pretty respected 2+2er...anyway this a complete collection of his week to week posts on playing online poker for a living (well for his first 52 weeks). Im making my way through it and I have to say...its quite entertaining and enlightening to read. So a poker player, detailing week to week over a year, downswings and all...not to mention comments and strat replys by other good posters makes for some good stuff.Here goes.http://www.billrini.com/index.php/2004/05/...-first-52-weeksAnd no, I dont know who Bill is, or anything about his blog, but he sure has som
  6. That's a good point from a math perspective.I'm just calling from a perception perspective. If I flop trip deuces out of the blind, a dumb but common play would be a checkraise. I don't want them thinking I have a deuce, or even 2 deuces.But, for a 3 or 4 way turn, the gig is probably up. But, worst case, we've strung a couple other people along, and they might call with huckle draws.Sounds really really soft.Actually they are more likely to put u on trips if u just call then CR the turn. If u check-raise this flop they are less likely to think u might have trips, even though it is a stron
  7. Wow, there are a ton of cards that can kill your hand. Why the river bet as well?
  8. You're probably chopping. I threebet.The only reason Im less inclined to think she has JT, is because u did say, shes decent postflop. If she has JT, she sucks postflop. So if we are going by your read, and most of the time, even against an unknown this is still a three bet.In general, its less likely someone would have JT here, but even more so from what u describe.
  9. That's not what I meant. They are playing NO LIMIT hold 'em. So how can there be a limit as to how much they can lose on any given hand? did you mean LIMIT hold 'em?no, its no limit holdem with a cap. You can wager any amount at any time, but cannot put more than 100k into any given pot.So its No Limit, with a limit.
  10. This is a really good thread I came across in the archives. Read Clarkmeister's long response to this like 20 posts in. Ed Miller also chimes in on this. Good stuff.Raise Jacks out of the Small blind?http://archiveserver.twoplustwo.com/showfl...=5&o=&fpart=all
  11. Help!ROFLMAO!!! Yeah it was a quikie and I thought it had some humor value.
  12. Yeah...I didnt read your POST (its a post, not a thread). It would entail me skipping around trying to locate it in this beast-slut of a THREAD.But bear with me here...dealing with this whole thread and question semantically...isnt all money REAL money? Tell that to all the Luke Skywalkers out there thinking their cards are not cards, but lightsabers...where the money isnt money, but the force. And with the heart of a lion and courage of a wookie they are lightsaber-ing down foos who would dare to use this force (money) for evil ways.(seriously, thats the impression I get from some of thes
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