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  1. A little bit? I was amazed how well Phil Gordon took this kindegarten beating from this tilting retard, whom prior to the show I always thought was a nice guy. He also totally killed the atmosphere for the remaining shows, you could slice the tension there with a knife which resulted in no table talk, which is not what Poker after Dark is about.And regarding to the original post, anyone with half a brain can see Daniel was behaving like a baby in this matter. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of his(still am!), which is why I registered to this site, but this really surprised me.
  2. Well then I stand corrected! I thought these were correct quotes.
  3. "Actually the (recent) World Series of Poker winners in general, you look at them and you're like OK, Moneymaker, Raymer, Gold, you think OK these guys can't play, and the general consensus is that these guys got lucky," Negreanu said."But you know, with Joe, he actually plays like a pro. The other three don't. The other three are kind of like flash-in-the-pan types..."OK this was in a magazine? Daniel you're simplifying matters when you say all you did was say Hachem was the best of them, you couldn't stop at that, you had to say Raymer CAN'T play, "the general consensus is that he got lucky"
  4. drunk of course. We don't need a poll, anyone claiming else doesnt know what the hell he's talking about.
  5. You're getting a puzzled look from me aswell, why would anyone find that funny?
  6. Considering your immature behavior on these forums I'm not surprised, pokerstars are doing their job.
  7. I think you're biased in your pathetic Gold-envy.
  8. Why lose 50 dollars when you can lose a 100?Bad, BAD logic.
  9. Nobody cares that you're from Australia, nobody thinks you're special because Australia doesn't have this law.PS I'm not from the states but I feel for you guys. Wow, you're a genius! Shut up if you've got nothing useful to say.
  10. yes i'm serious, are you TWELVE?
  11. I'm noticing several people in panick and think they're never going to be able to play online poker again. Well they're only banning the credit-cards. There are still PLENTY of ways to still play poker online and make money.. relax :)PS: whatsup with thepokerbay, anyone know?
  12. I just HOPE that the PPL wont be using PPT announcer. What IDIOTS! Please someone can confirm?
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