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  2. Anger Management is your friend. And get a life, and um, quit trying to look cool by having 2 screen names, faggot.
  3. The one on the right, in the pink is pretty cute, but I don't know if I would do the rest of them.
  4. These are the 3 hottest bitches on the planet. Bar fucking NONE!
  5. That is just wrong! LOL, Slowrolling MF'r. Just kidding, those donkeys probably deserved it.
  6. I'm with Actuary, and I decided it was time for someone to drop the hammer on the poor kid, since no one else did. Are you fucking kidding me....Joke account right? This is a joke right? Funny hahaha, joke, right? You lost 3 hands and now you have reason to believe that the poker gods have cast your futile poker future to hell and back? How can you get out of this "runt?" What fucking runt, you lost 3 hands. Big deal. Did I miss something? You show me a "runt" that you are in, and I will show you how to get out of it, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.Did you forget to tell me you were at the W
  7. That is freaking sweet. And you can use it for WPT/WSOP events too? Damn, that is really nice, I need to get my lazyass on over to Stars then, because the next poker step for me is satelites and bigger tourneys. Nice to know man, thanks.
  8. LOL, pwned. We've all been there before, AA against a flopped set. But I never liked the "bet all his chips but 1, incase he raised me for his last chip and I misclicked. FOLD." WHOOOOOOOPS.
  9. That is exactly what my friends and I were discussing. Laak cleaned up more than any other player during HSP. He made more money then anyone else, and he did it all by playing ABC poker. He did catch a few cards, but he was never in there with 25o or J9s. And because of this image he was also able to semi bluff a few pots because people put him on hands whenever he bet.
  10. See, now I have donked off guaranteed 3rd's like that too, but that's usually because I play bad or too aggro. I think in your case you just got coolered in the face. Oh well, get'm next time.
  11. Hmm...So you can buy in with real $$$, win a satelitle seat, or use W$? Is that how they do their satelite system? (I've never played on Stars) Instead of giving you a "ticket" they give you X amount of dollars that would be used for that seat, and you can basically enter any one you want? That sounds sweet, if that's the case.
  12. Ouch, tought beat. But damn, that was a fast SNG. I once played a 9-man $11 SNG at Full Tilt and we were down to the cash, top 3, in 15 minutes. It was weird, I busted 2 of the guys too. And I got second! WOOT WOOT!
  13. What can I say, it's a sick, sad, world.
  14. Nice cash Zach. Damn I should be getting into thse WCOOP satelite events. They are bigger than I thought.
  15. Your avatar is great. Fresh Prince, gotta love it.
  16. Hey! You post whoring noob! Plus oneing my thread, reaping all the benefits, just so you can reach 1,000. Shame on you. *shakes head*
  17. I love that movie, Bowfinger.-"Is he good?"-"Oh he's better than good, he's a fucking liability."
  18. Poor Phil, seems like he can't seem to win anymore now that his "tricks" are out of the bag.
  19. Whoa, kind of like...a tournament? What a CRAZY idea!!! I wonder if anyone will ever sanction one of these "events." Some one did, just not harsh enough for him to realize how dumb he was for trying to compare LIMIT and NO LIMIT blind structures...
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