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  1. I did, I raised with QJ and lost. Huge mistake. I played AK aggro in limit. The point is, I wasn't making huge mistakes, I was just getting coolered. And no I am not starting a pisssing war with you either, you just don't seem to get what I am saying.
  2. They have a combined...46 stomachs. Fucking sweet!
  3. Geeze sweetheart, relax a little. Here, I got an idea, why don't you go make a sports bet or something.
  4. Worst video ever...The announcer said that doyle had a "pair" of kings on the flop, when he really had a set...Just made it that much more-->
  5. I never said Kido wasn't a "known" player on the circuit. I never said he didn't have CRUDENTIALS. Spell much? Someone with as litle knowledge as you about poker shouldn't insult anyone else buddy. Judging by your moronic statement, you don't have a clue as to what "luckbox" or "aggrodonk" means.John Juanda is often called a "luckbox" by his friends, does that mean he too isn't a well know player on the circuit?Tuan Le, JC Tran can be called aggrodonks, does that mean they aren't well know players on the circuit? You are a clueless, trolling moron, at best. And I don't want to even get i
  6. So wait, you bluffed your stack off to a donk? How did you manage to bluff your stack off to yourself?
  7. QFMFT. I have taken a SMALL break, but I will be back to killing the tables very soon now.
  8. Oh...So you guys are the real gamblers in there. Sports betting? Shame on you guys, why don't you play poker instead?
  9. I got the memo....Can I hang out here too? I was walkiing by and I noticed that it says no membership required on the sign on front door.
  10. You, poor, naive, sheltered, spoon fed being. May god have mercy on your soul. Twice.
  11. I can handle it, and I'm not going to quit, that's for sure. I just never ran so bad and was like a little wounded lamb out in the fields, looking for some remorse or something. lol. Ok that was a little weird, but no, I'm def. not quitting, too many fish out there.
  12. Bust him out of a tournament and scream.."Gotcha sucka!"
  13. Pfffft.Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Monday's.
  14. Don't be childish. I'm being serious when I say that you simply cannot believe that our government had nothing to do with some type of scandal/cover up. Can you at least agree on that?
  15. First off, if you really do decide to do this, make sure you have plenty to pay out if you get hosed. My freind's friend did this, and he did the math all wrong. He decided that whatever a player bought in for, he would just need to match that $$$ amount, but what he didn't consider was if the player were to win the hand...Example..2 guys each buy in for $10.So technically the house would need, AT LEAST $20, but that is just for the one round of betting. Now say the 2 guys each bet $10 and win. Now they both have $40 to wager. So you would now need at least $40 to accomodate them, for th
  16. Psst, there are more, scroll up....Every beat was from the same day, and session. I don't lie. 1-These are ALL from the same day. I just kept finding more, FROM THE SAME DAY.2-No. Pay more attention and actually READ the thread if you feel like contributing...I have lost way more than you and Abba think, add them all up. I just did and they equal $563.25. So yeah...I actually underestimated by loses.
  17. Hey, easy. I know how to spell hear and here, it was a typo.I meant, like as in. I, here (being here on the internet), they are hiring..As in...I, being here on the internet, they are hirng...LOL ok, So I made a typo, sue me!I'm smart, I think...Degrees are for suckers man, I gotta win a WPT EVENT!!!
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