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  1. Exactly, the losers here with 5,000 posts think they are gods and that no one can ever make fun of them or point out just how stupid THEY really are. It's funny when I come in here and they realize how dumb they are. It really is. None of them got the :YOUR: thing, it was Classic.
  2. Nah, its called "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barells" Great film
  3. Hey grandpa, get back to your tool shed and make me a shelf or something, ok?
  4. NOOooooo! All the Off Topic Post Count Whores don't like me!? What will I ever do. Seriously. Come on.
  5. Hey grandpa, would you cool it? Why don't you on go out out to your tool shed or take the trash out or something.
  6. I don't know what's worse, this information, or your videos. Wait a minute, yes I do, this is worse. I didn't think it could get worse, but you proved me wrong.
  7. 52 years old, and you still don't have a life? I'm sorry to hear that.
  8. Hey there jealous 52 year old guy, nice contribution. Anyway, back to the OP's question...I sometimes feel the same way about the younger players not being given the respect at the poker tables as well.
  9. Watch Loose Change, I thought you already have. And IF you have, how the hell COULD you believe the Pentagon was hit by an airplane? Dense?
  10. WOW!! If you still don't get it then YOU'RE the dumbest piece of shit I ever shat. You still don't get it? Wow. Slow=you. AND LVPro too, both dumb fucks.Go look at Jeepster's avatar, and smack yourself. Lvpro you too, just like Kenny had to
  11. He jumped at me first...Scoll up and see for yourself. I don't write those out of no where...
  12. LOL! Good notes he has there, giving his $$$ away.
  13. No problem G dubs. Thank you for the input. But, maximizing wins is like minimizing loses. You gotta try to do both, so that's why I was wondering if it was worth a river bet. In your example you say don't bet and risk losing a half hour of work because the site is paying me to play, (so to speak) but what if you can bet and get an EXTRA $4, then you earned an extra half hour. I guess you just have to look at it both ways, that's why I am trying to maximize my wins, because I really need to right now. Every bet counts.
  14. I swear this is the weirdest fcukin game that anyone would actually play...
  15. Andy Beal is a billionaire that plays 25K/50K-50K/100K. I doubt he would waste him time on 1k/2k
  16. Dummy...read his Avatar. Then smack yourself. Then realize, YOU'RE RETARDED!!!
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