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  1. Daniel,I thought your weekly rant was effin hilarious!! I created a video about it too! check it out, hope you enjoy ithttp://www.xtranormal.com/watch/13223987/power-nerd-modCheers,RevG
  2. Ya I watched the latest PAD, and that second bluff gordon ran was brutal. I mean, what was he even bluffing at? His betting patterns did not make any sense. He was merely throwing chips into a pot blindly and hoping tilly would fold. This is all pretty funny to me considering how Gordon was telling everyone on PAD that he was watching the betting patterns and calculating percentages, ya ok?!?!?!Personally, I think Tilly played pretty bad. Checking the fullhouse on the river becuase she was "scared of quad kings" was an absolute horror. Even IF he did have quad kings, that's just gg me. The all
  3. Hey Phil Gordon,I lost a ton of respect for you man. You're passive aggressive and that is actually a personality disorder you know. Read this and tell me if that doens't describe your recent actions to a TEE:People with passive-aggressive behaviors show hostility and aggression in passive ways. Criticizing, not openly, but in subtle ways. Examples: 1.) Saying unkind things and then saying they really didn’t mean what they said. 2.) An indirect attempt to criticize someone while appearing to compliment them. 3.) Someone who claims to love you but hurts you all the time. If you are going to tra
  4. Ya know what, the guy prolly had his chat banned. Couldn't type. He was probably screaming at the top of his lungs DEAL DEAL!!! PLEASE DEAL! but he could not type. This has happened to me before.Cheers
  5. I would like to see 9 seat table instead of 10 seat tables. I don't like 10 seat tables.Rev
  6. Sorry missed that.... Cheers,Rev
  7. K enough discussion now... We are flogging a dead horse.What exactly happened loosh?Cheers,Rev
  8. You could make a case for folding KK here for sure. BelowAbove is an online poker professional and this is what he does for a living. He is not calling off 1/4 of his stack with nothing. I mean he is feared player and that works to his advantage, but on the same token he knows how people view him and that's what makes this situation scary. If a guy had time to think here I think you could lay this KK down.That being said, as a general rule I don't think you should show these players TOO much respect just because of their reputation either. In this situation it's pretty obvious they both have a
  9. I'm not a Raymer fan. I don't like him.Cheers,Rev
  10. Is DN in it again? or did he quit? I heard he was taking a break from the big game.I hope he is still in it! I love watching that guy play man
  11. So you had a bunch of bad beats in a row... Trust me, we have all been there.I just recently went through a brutal tourney losing streak... many bad beats in the first few tourneys followed by losing due to tilting... And then when I finally calmed down and played a $100 buyin sitngo, I went out 4th with AdAh to AsAc, when the flop came all clubs and a club on the turn to give buddy a flush.Now right there I was ready to punch a hole in my laptop ok? because that should HAVE BEEN A CHOP!! but guess what.... I collected myself once again, told myself to forget about the past and start new. I st
  12. Heh... I watched this punk on the WSOP when him and Gold were having words. What an immature little skinny guy with low self esteem.I think his mommy and daddy gave him a talking to before the next day because he was a lot better behaved.What Eric should realize is that if he acted the way he did at the WSOP at a regular casino (especially a cash game) there would be somebody and ALL of their buddies waiting for him in the parking lot when he left.Learn your lesson now Eric, before you have to learn in the hard way.Cheers,Rev
  13. *IF* the guy was really colluding then I am actually glad to see that OnGame is doing something to combat against it.However, *IF* the guy is not colluding the scary thing here is that it appears there is nothing you can do about it if they freeze your account.This is the problem with all companies these days. If you ever have a problem you can never reach anyone that has decision making privileges or the knowlege to help you out. There is always 3 or 4 layers of people that "answer the phone" and that is it. The people that can help you are hiding behind layers of decoys and this is done int
  14. HAHAHHAAH LOLOk ok ok.... one more.... :)I was supposed to go to a tragically hip concert in Camrose, but I had to work late so I missed it. So I decided to go to klondike days casino to play in the 7 card stud game. So I sit down and the very first hand I am dealt a royal flush!!! All the other guys at the table are betting amongst themselves, seemingly not even paying attention to my rasises.... I was baffled. So then I take down the monster pot with my royal and they are all saying "What the f*** man... holy, nice first hand... we thought you were bluffing... bla bla bla".Then as luck would
  15. Here is my story and this all happened in the same night. I sat down at a blackjack table at my local casino which is located in Edmonton, Alberta. To my left was an obvious rig pig with nothing but money to blow. I am there for about 30 minutes and up $100. Then I am dealt a 16 in the middle and dealer shows a Queen. I opt to stand because rig pig to my left has a soft 17 in one square and a 9 in the other square and pulling a 5 or under is unlikey based on my count. HE LOSES HIS MIND.... He says to me, "STAYING ON A 16? STAYING ON A SIXTEEEEEEN? ARE YOU A FACKING RETARD? YOU FACKING BONEHEA
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