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  1. On the one hand, the episode was a little boring and slow.On the other hand, it was all a leadup to him banging Joan Rivers.Can't find fault in the slow burn when the payoff is so good.
  2. So. So. SO good.Loving this show more and more with every episode.
  3. I like that each episode will now seemingly have its own continuity rather than disjointed bits. Really good start to season 2.Calling it now that the show will hit its real stride in season 3.
  4. Done with this season. Done.Stupid American public.
  5. Nice talking to ya, cocksucka.Seriously. One of the most uncomfortable moments in television history. Good lord.Also. Best season ever. Again.
  6. One of the best episodes ever last night.This season looks to be the best yet.
  7. Ugh. That's just gross. And my taste in women is not very discriminate.Tonight:Lee > AllAndrew's performance sucks the first time you hear it, but after the show ends go back and listen to it and you'll appreciate it a ton more.Crystal was fine. She's always fine. Losing a lot of her charm in my eyes, however.Siobhan seems to be getting worse and less tolerable every week.Aaron and Katie need to just get the boot. I hate listening to them, I hate seeing their faces. Does Casey know how to not phone in a performance? Like he's got such a solid voice, but all his performances just seem
  8. In the future, please include one of the following at the end of your posts:- This post was meant to be funny.- This post was meant to be serious.- Thank god crazy people can have keyboards.
  9. Andrew just needs to realize and embrace the fact that his station in life is to be a brown Rob Thomas.Someone needs to put him in touch with Santana immediately.
  10. Is it just me or is this shaping up to be one of the most boring seasons?So far there's nobody I'm totally digging and even the terrible people are just meh.
  11. It wouldn't be Chuck if every girl (besides Sarah) that he fell in love with didn't turn out to be an evil spy.
  12. So this. Skiiboski is going to be hours of entertainment, and he's easy to listen to.The country girl I love, but also feel bad for - you know half of Hollywood is gonna run a train on that poor girl before shipping her back home.
  13. Has anyone seen this in both Real D and IMAX 3D? If so, how different is the experience between the two?
  14. We have 2 spots open for $1 a point Chinese. IQCrash on Skype if interested.
  15. First of all, take some dramamine next time you big nancy. Who gets seasick watching a movie?And if fat guys with hot teen girls isn't your thing, maybe you should reconsider the internet.Finally, this movie rocked. If you love music, debauchery, and watching Philip Seymour Hoffman do his thing, then you will enjoy this movie.
  16. Amazon Gold Box deal of the day - Seasons 1-4 of Sunny for like half price:http://amzn.com/B002OHDYUU
  17. Saw it last night.It was fantastic.** By fantastic I mean one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
  18. Oh my... It's a testament to how great this show is when they can bring back a beloved character and yet it's the last thing you want to see.
  19. We're gonna try and put together a game starting 30 minutes from now (9pm EST / Midnight EST) @ $1 a point if anyone is interested.We have room for 2.
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