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  1. fanatical is a word that surfaces sometimes
  2. I once tipped a dealer half the pot. It was an 8-16 game and I needed a gutshot 10 on the river to win the hand. I told the dealer after the turn that if he put up a 10 I would give him half the pot. Sure enough, my miracle 10. There was multi-way action so I believe he dropped more than a c-note down his toke box!
  3. aren't most religious people lunatics?ummm, maybe fanatics is better word
  4. This is disgusting. So u say tip an extra buck or two so u can have the dealer in your hip pocket? I'm not looking for handouts from dealers and I don't need a dealer to "watch" out for me. If a dealer plays favorites, that is the problem of the dealer and the dealer should be terminated.
  5. Learn to ride a horse.Sit down and enjoy the ride.Maybe become a jockey.Profit.
  6. This thinking disgusts me and would give the impression of collusion to the rest of the table. I know it wasn't collusion but it gives the impression of it.
  7. I think tipping every dealer at the end of their shift is not the thing to do.For starters, it makes everyone else at your table look bad. Extra tipping is great but I would reserve it for only the top dealers or one who pushed u pot after pot. And then I would throw them at least a red bird at the end of his/her shift. This would be on top of a dollar or two tipped after a winning hand.Tipping each dealer after their shift rocks the boat and shows up the rest of the table. Reserve it for the very best, over tip, and it will make more of an impact. In some casinos, before a dealer starts
  8. implied odds are overrated in limit holdem if they exist at all
  9. We just have different philosophy. Like I said before, aggressive play is good at the final table or near it. Since this situation is mid tourney or around, I'd rather wait for a less complex situation to get my money in. If you are following your instincts, this is cool. I have encountered this scenario before, and more times than not the player ace Ax. This is just my experience. Your play is more gutsy and may work out in your long run.
  10. A good habit is to just throw every dealer a dollar after a winning pot. If the pot is large, then maybe two bucks is good.I think most dealers nowadays expect a tip every hand and there performance suffers. If they don't follow the action, constantly talk about miscellaneous, or are rude, then I wouldn't go out of my way to toke. In other words, consider stiffing the really bad ones and reward the good professional ones with an extra dollar or two.
  11. Let me first say I didn't mean to question your tournament success. I was trying to say u needed more tournament experience to see more situations and hands etc.. Because I believe your view to be more of a skillful point of view on your part, rather than coming from experience. You say alot about your opponent, but how would u know this particular player's tendencies?? We are mostly just guessing. You say something interesting here:"and is a strong player". Unless we have some kind of read on this player, we don't know what kind of player he really is. But would a strong player limp p/f
  12. So u would push all ur money in with 4-4 or 5-5? Problem with this thinking is that if u get called, u prob are beat. Plus, with blinds only 600, racing is not ideal yet. This hand smells so much like an ace-ten or weaker ace. The guy calls 4,000 pre-flop so I think most likely hands are weak ace or pocket pair. If u think he has trash, what hand do u think he has? If he truly has nothing, calling him down will win the pot just as pushing him on the flop. It's not like there are many draws on the flop, and flop texture is a key to playing this hand as well. No offense, but it sounds like
  13. So flawed I don't know where to begin. Think I'll go to the casino first....
  14. Bill Gates and others like him would be first in line for heaven. It is the soul that matters and the spirit within. For example, do you think a man who attends church every Sunday and believes in God, but robs old ladies is going to heaven? Of course not. I believe one must have virtue to enter the gates of heaven. (gates of heaven--nice play on words!)
  15. Crazou - three words for ya: max i mize
  16. I am browsing this topic for the first time, seeking God, seeking answers. And what do I find? Some guy writing in his diary that he drove on a slick road. WOW!! How enlightening!! Now I can feel free to give the church my hard earned cash every Sunday. Hell, maybe twice on Sunday. Oops, the word "Hell" slipped out. Oh well, maybe I'll empty my savings account too and ship it to the church.
  17. play was fine except checking the river. I think a pot bet on the river is the play.
  18. u did fine...40 bucks in the pot, first guy could have any hand, likely a big pair but smaller than yours. Caller on flop could have any random hand. I personally thought u played it ok. Perhaps a larger pre-flop reraise
  19. How bout I back u in a penny game? Would that make u happy?
  20. You are not alone. Several top pros have difficulty playing big slick and play it differently. I remember a story when Phil Ivey backed someone in the 5 Diamond or Star Bellagio tourney a few years ago. Iveys only request was for the guy to never fold AK pre-flop, no matter how many raises he faced. The guy made the final table.People tend to give up on AK when they consistently lose with it and then play it different. When they play it less aggressive or not at all they don't maximize when it wins. Consistency is a big key and to ride out the bad streaks.
  21. Because I like to help the little people.
  22. This is what I was talking about. You posted this after I said play your small pocket pair differently. In the above quote, u say a pair smaller than aces. Now u say u meant to say queens. All im saying is none of this info. was in the OP.
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