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  1. I'd like to think that this issue can get resolved soon.Peace.
  2. Yes, I do. That is believable.
  3. There's so much you clearly just don't get, it's painful... I hope you are being sarcastic here. If you think I am flattering you, then you have totally missed the point.And I will confirm one time more, and once only... I genuinely picked this avatar at random - Obviously I wanted a picture of Phil Ivey, and that one of him smiling I liked. Yes, I had seen Grinder's avatar but I really didn't think it would cause some kind of hysterical hissy fit, from a couple of cry-babies.If you genuinely think I 'copied' him... then... well I don't know what to say. It's laughable, seriously. Your patheti
  4. Well, they've forced me to change it now. Damn bullies!
  5. The fact that you think I am lying about this is amazing... Serious case of arrogance perhaps, I dunno? I can only tell you the truth, believe what you will, makes no difference to me.I have now changed it, in honor of Jeepster. It's almost like a double irony if you think about it... Wow.
  6. I know the story behind Jmoney... he used to be The Corporation3 too. I know the story behind it don't worry. I've been reading the forum for over a year, but I didn't register.I even remember that whole thread, where he tried to back track on his mistake, after he had initially said it.My point is that you just constantly use it, thinking it's still funny or something, but it's just not.As for my avatar... Unbelievable! I just did a google image search for Phil Ivey for God's sake. It's one of the first results, that's all. Talk about reading too much into it, lol.Didn't realize that it had b
  7. No... I don't.Can you explain it to me, post it in most topics, use it as your avatar, your signature, buy the t-shirt and when you wear it, explain it to everybody even if they are not interested and think that you're the most boring person in the entire world. Basically, just have the one joke and flog it tirelessly to death so that it's mind-numbingly annoying.Thanks.
  8. A little bit like repeatedly using the phrase 'Your Retarded' (in a lot of your posts, your avatar, your sig)... You're obsessed by it. Ever heard that a joke isn't funny the second time?'Your Retarded' Get it? See, what I've done there is spelt it wrong! How ironic, huh? Do you get it??? You see, I am calling somebody retarded, meaning that I think they are stupid, but really I am the stupid one, because I can't even get the grammar correct!Your Retarded! You do get it don't you? You see, it should be 'You're Retarded', but it's really really funny because I said 'Your Retarded'.. Do you g
  9. No you didn't. That's a lie...I don't care what you say, you are lying. You never did that. It did not happen.
  10. Damn... you totally found me out!!Ok, I'll admit it... my ultimate sexual fantasy involves David Grey, a stack of $100 chips, a short, slightly confused Vietnamese dealer.... and a large tub of Cookie Dough Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.I understand if I have now alienated you from this thread!!!
  11. Dunno, just is!! Big Head!!!Makes me wanna squeeze his cheeks and slap his bald head!But maybe I'm just a little twisted.
  12. IYDHFTDTMII(If you don't have Full Tilt downloaded then maybe it is.)
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