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  1. I should have been a little more clear. BB was 200, raise was 600, re-raise was 1200, I re-raised 4800. This was my attempt at the "Hammer" from Harrington volume II.
  2. For my very first post here I thought I'd ask a possibly dumb question.Middle portion of a tournament. I have two guys 3 and 4 seats to my left who were playing very aggressively. Between the two of them, they raised preflop almost every time. When villain #1 raises, villain #2 usually called, but occasionally re-raised. I am dealt AA utg. I called the BB, on cue, they raised and re-raised, and I came over the top for 4X the re-raise. They both folded.OK, was it a good play to call the BB, or should I have raised right away?
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