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  1. A friend of mine told me that he has been trying to cash out a mere $300.00 from neteller to his bank through an EFT. He is Canadian and uses a Canadian bank. He told me the transaction has been in pending for 3 weeks, and says Neteller tells him only that there is a back log.Has anyone else experienced this, are others getting their cashouts in a timely manner?Thanks for any info,J.
  2. On the NL tables, the blinds have increased in relation to the maximun buy in.The $25 max table used to have blinds of .10 - .25, now it is .25 - .50.All other limits have doubled the blind, which makes the buy in only 50 times the BB, not asd it used to be 100 times the BB.This creates more of a shoot out table, and not a deep stack NL game, as most NL players would preferr.Thanks
  3. Thanks, I am still looking for the exact dates, if anyone finds it, please post the link.Thanks everyone
  4. not on worldseriesofpoker.com, not at harrahs.com, or anywhere on google i can see
  5. Has the dates been released for the main event of the 2007 WSOP? If so, can someone tell me them?thanks
  6. I cashed out because I was anxious myself. I spoke with support and they told me it could take longer than the normal 24-48 hours, because they were processing withdrawls manually.I received my cash out in 28 hours. I have heard of no one getting screwed yet. Although very annoying, I would think you will receive your cash shortly.Good luck
  7. I can't believe you idiots make excuses for the worst customer service I've encountered since Pacific.How far are you up Danny's a s s!!!
  8. Bob, we were told non-US customers would be playing by Wednesday. Now it is Thursday afternooon.Any projections on when we will be able to play?
  9. Any idea when FCP will be back up? Thanks
  10. Ok, I am relatively new here, and don't read the blogs more than once a week.What is going on on this site. Now am I to understand that USA customers have not been playing for week, with no end in site, and now I cannot play and I live in Canada.If Americans cannot play and Non- USA can't play, then who the hell is playing on this site.Full Contact did not send out an e mail to me till way after the problem started.I feel they are quite errogant to think we should all wait around for them to get their **** strait, without properly informiing the players. The only compinsation is that they will
  11. I guess what is wrong with me is that I like good customer service. When thousands are playing and not me and I can't get a response, then I get pissed. There are tons of poker sites out there that do not have any problems like this one. Read the blogs, too many tech difficulties and cash out probs.I am the customer, seems like full contact forgets that.I will only be loyal to a company who does their best to help the customers.
  12. I have the same problem. What bothers me is that thousands are playing right now, and support gives very vague explanations.I guess it is time to explore other poker rooms. The last time I left Pacific because of bad software, I ended up here, and never went back to Pacific.I sent one more e mail, and if nothing happens in an hour, well, I guess its off to Full Tilt, maybe I come back, maybe not, but we deserve better customer service than this.
  13. I logged onto the client program, and my real money bankroll is gone. Support told me it was a tech difficulty. It has been over 2 hours, and nothing. Anyone else have this problem.
  14. I would like to everyone's opinion on what constitutes a "good" NL player. I have read that in a limit game, 1 BB per hour is a solid player.How do you judge your results. Also, how large of a sample size do I need to get a good feel for where my game is?Thanks.J.
  15. Hypothetically, if one were to be playing NL cash for a living, and wanted to earn $1000 a week, playing 40 hours a week online, what limit would they have to be playing?thanks for input
  16. I checked into it, the no MP3 rule is not a gaming commision rule, it is a fallsview house rule
  17. Can Canadian players play on Bodog poker. I have never tried, but some people tell me no.If not, why? Thanks
  18. I was wondering what happened at Party. I noticed they have many more lower limits, fewer tournaments, and no big tourney on Sunday. Did they cancel the US customers as they said they would?
  19. I am a player on full contact poker. I play mainly cash NL and a little tourney play.Which is the better product and why?what is more user friendly
  20. Ok, I'll admit when I'm wrong. Sorry.I am really stoned though!
  21. First of all the dollar has rebounded $0.40 in less than 2 years, that is incredible. No praise for Canada, it is just a screwed up American economy. Secondly, it was a joke, I enjoy my good neighbours to the south, just not the errogant, uneducated like, say, The Wizard!!! Hey, I would like to go hang in the Cass Corrido. Crack for Crack!!!Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. You guys are right, the USA rocks, Canada sucks.I wish I lived in a country that took away my freedoms, through a back door channel, and hid it from the citizens (rider).Next, that is a great commander in chief you have, quite an intellegent man.I think you folks should bomb another middle eastern country, because you are so well respected already.It is good to see that 4'8" North Korean leader doing exactly what your government told him to do.Finally, I think I'll move to Detroit, I heard it is a nice family city.God Bless America.P. S. In case you are that ****ing dumb, this was SARCASIM.
  23. How will this affect canadian online players?I would assume, not at all
  24. I am considering buying poker tracker. I am looking for people's opinion on its usefulness. I play micro NL, as well as $10 sit and go's and multi's.Thanks for your input.J.
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