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  1. You are right actually, the rakebacks put me in the + but I use them mainly for buying things like a hat, keychain, moneyclip.. that sort of thing. I've read:-Super system(s) by Doyle Brunson.-Championship Tournament Poker by Tom McEvoy.-Hold 'Em Poker by David Sklansky.-Countless articles onlinePokertracking is an interesting concept. With the amount of histories I have (and friends) I could do some serious tracking.. Perhaps this needs a separate thread.. but I have some programming skills, I just need to know what things to look for.I usually don't make threads about bad beats and hands e
  2. OK, I am trying not to be a donkey here but I have run into a problem. I have been playing online poker for 2 years now and have probably wasted about $200.00 in that time. I have deposited about $1,000.00 but have cashed out $800.00 of that back so I consider myself *almost* even. I missed the first few months of note taking and cash tracking when I first deposited, but I have bought-in a total of $65,000.00 worth of tournaments. I have spent $65,000.00 (65 thousand dollars) on tournaments in 2 years and have been using that to play low cash games ($0.25/$0.50 - $2.00/$4.00) and low buy
  3. That's why Windows XP is a free program.That's why gas prices are so affordable.That's why a beer at my local strip club is $9.00etc...Why? Cause they have enough money. These types want to own the world, the more money they get, the more they need.
  4. Doesn't anyone notice, this is a veteran poster who made a brand new account to make this post? I should add, I've heard dN say his self that he don't know what he's talkin about, he's not a Lawyer.hmm,..<runs off to warn DN about himself>
  5. It sure seems that the hands are dealth in a way that 'forces' people to play more pots. This in turn, increases rakes in a cash table and removes more people quicker in tournaments.I believe most sites have a maximum rake but getting to that maximum rake pretty much requires 3 or 4 hands in the pot. I had KQ on the button, VS AA and KK (Big Blind)AA doubles up the pot and we both call. Flop: AKQNow, who's going to fold there? No one.I should say though, many times on the television I see hands where I say to myself (and others who may be in the room at the time),'If that was on the interne
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