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  1. 110% bs.....this whole make up lies on the internet to bash some guy simply cause he won a poker tournament is getting pretty ridculous. Some of you seriously need to grow up and or get a life.
  2. all in preflop...duh ouch! Good thing he has friends like you looking out for him. You should try to talk some sense into him about doing things like this in the future....only makes 10/hr and is spending over a years salary on a car for his girlfriend who by the way has bad credit which means she hasnt paid up in the past. It sounds like your friend made a mistake he will be paying for for a long time. Hope everything works out.I forgot the website but i think its google, they have a section where you can ask questions and people tend to respond pretty fast. This sounds like something t
  3. Do you have a xbox 360...they have street fighter online now. I challenge anyone to a match of sf2 !
  4. First of all, thats a awesome sig of Ryu you have. Im a big street fighter fan. 2nd, do you have any tips for me ? Hope to see you at there man.
  5. Just wondering if anyone on here has made it into the poker classic yet. Or plans on getting into it, weither its via qualifer or direct buyin.I'm trying to make it via the $1 sng's, I'd love to say ill make it but I think it's pretty doubtful. Winning 4 sng's in a row is gonna be HARD.
  6. yeah, you try having people coming up to you all day long harrasing you or wanting your autograph then getting pissed off if you ever say no even once. I imagine most of us would get body guards.Would you want everyone in the bathroom trying to talk to you while you're taking a leak ?
  7. If i started getting threats while playing in a tournament worth millions I'd have body guards too. Why risk it? Do you really wanna take a gamble and just hope the threat was nothing more than a threat. If i had a good chance of winning millions and someone threatened me the first thing i would do is make a phone call to my friends and tell them to not leave my side the rest of the time im in vegas.I get the sense that some people are trying a little to hard to find excuses to talk **** about jamie gold. Why this is even a story baffles me. Most people with money or the potential of maki
  8. Always get it in written when your dealing with large amounts of cash. Money has a way of making even the most honest people dishonest.\If this is true then hopefully other people will learn and not make the same mistake and they will get it in writting before fronting someone the money.
  9. Anyone have any idea the aprox. number of people that will be in the poker classic ? I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth trying to get into it or not. Thanks!
  10. Doesnt it depend on how many people enter the tournament ?? If that is infact the case than it's hard to dertermine how much the payout will be cause it's very possible that the interest in poker is at it's peak right now and might start to decline slightly in the coming years.
  11. About 20mins after reading this post I got my first royal straight flush. Secured 2nd place in a qualifer for the stage 1 poker classic with this hand. I ended up winning the tourny, maybe I can have good hands like this in stage 1 sng.
  12. Wow that sucks dude. Hopefully fcp is willing to compensate you some how for the problem. From what i've seen the support for this site is really good. Let us know what happens.
  13. Thanks. Sorry for asking such an obvious question.
  14. I was curious, how much rake it takes to get 1, 5, 10 ect ect fcp points?? Thanks in advance.
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