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  1. Just wondering if i played this right.I'm in a $10 sng and theres 4 people left. I get dealt AJ two other people in the hand so I call the blinds. A96 comes out on the flop and one guy in the hand is very tight and he checks but the other guy in the hand has played about 60% of his starting hands and he bets so i figure he has nothing because ive seen him do this the entire sng so i raise him about half his stack. He calls then a 7 comes out on the turn. I go all in and he calls and shows 67...two pair and i lose on the bubbleDid i play this right? I read him right when i raised, he had lo
  2. Anyone have any advice for 3/6 limit holdem. Typically i only play SNG's but im gonna go play some 3/6 at a card house this weekend. Any general advice would help.
  3. hmm maybe ill check out garden city, i know where it's at but ive never played there. I had to what forever also when i was at bay 101 but that was for 2/4. I know how to get to garden city from my house but how do you get there coming from bay 101 ?
  4. yes great advice, i already plan on telling him exactly how im going to play. I also warned him multiple times that if i lose every penny he isnt getting the money he would normally get this month and he is perfectly fine with that.
  5. at bay 101 2/4 is the lowest and i agree the lowest tables attract some really horrible players. Thats why im gonna check out the 3/6 instead, i'm hoping the play will be slightly better. I've only played cash games a couple times but when i did it was at bay 101 at the 2/4 tables and it hurt just way to much to watch some drunk guy sit down and bet 100% of his hands then actually hit something on the river the one or two times i had a good hand, it defintally put me on tilt thats for sure. This time around im expecting bad play and some bad beats, also like other people said it's a freeroll
  6. I agree you should have money for something like a car breaking down. I'm not talking about situations like that. I'm talking about situations like i mentioned above. Your car breaking down sucks but at the end of the day its not something you really need to borrow money for cause you can always take the bus or just use a credit card to fix your car. I'm talking about more serious situations like losing a job or a family member becoming ill and needing money for the best treatment, thats the type of things im talking about when i say unexpected bills. Your car breaking down isnt a huge deal
  7. Thanks for the advice, you are now the 2nd person to mention trying this. Sounds like i might give it a try even though this isnt how i typically play. I guess overall as long as i have fun thats what counts, right?
  8. thats pretty good. I say just wait cause there are times in life where unexpected things come up.Here is a sceniro, lates say you get laid off from your job at the very same time you have a new kid and you have problems finding another job simply because the job market is in a slump. Are you saying you wouldn't borrow money to help feed your kid??? Would you say you are at fault for being laid off ?? This isnt what happened to me but i think its a good example of how unexpected things can and sometimes do happen in life, and bottom line there is nothing wrong with borrowing money from peo
  9. So in your entire life you've never had to borrow money for something unexpected that came up ? Not even once? If thats the cause your one lucky man and you might want to consider hosting a seminar on money management or something cause thats pretty amazing right there
  10. thanks for the advice aces up, i might just try that since as you said it's technically a freeroll. I'll proally play pretty tight at first though just to get a feel for the table, I dont want to be really loose of others at the table are loose and doing the exact same thing. Should be a good learning experiance though, I typically play sng's but it'll be fun to switch it up for a day and then go back to my regular sng's afterwards.Oh btw it's bay 101 ill be playing at. Anyone else ever play there, the wpt stops through there every year.
  11. ??? The money i owe my friend has NOTHING to do with poker. Thats what friends are for, if a highly unexpected bill comes up and your in a tuff situation your true friends will help you out. I dont see anything wrong with borrowing money from someone you trust if a unexpected bill pops up outta the blue.
  12. Actually its a great deal cause either way I'm out $300 this month, its either going to my friend or to the poker tables. Also as I said i've been paying him back monthly so I owe a lot more than just $300 so any winnings would just decrease the amount of money I owe him. I have no problem with using my winnings to pay off bills or money I might owe people.And yeah I'm making myself look really dumb
  13. sorry dumb question but where is the strategy section. I'm not seeing it.
  14. So I owe a friend some money and i've been paying him back monthly but this month he asked if i wanted to go to the local card house with him and I said no I couldnt because my extra cash is going to him. So we worked out an agreement where the money I was going to give him this month ($300) will just be used for me to go play some 3/6 with him at the card house and if i lose it all i just dont owe him money this month but if I win he gets to keep everything. Sounds like a good deal right?!Anyways I normally play tournaments so I'm not very experianced with limit cash games. Anyone have any
  15. for future reference you shoul dnever deposit money into a poker site these days without asking around first if the site is good or not. I've run into the same problem before, nowadays there a simply too many people trying to make poker sites so you really need to ask around before trusting any site nowadays with your hard earned money. I'm sure you know this now though.
  16. After reading everyones comments i decided to shy away from heads up. I've done very well in the past in sng's but lately I just havent been focusing enough and have been doing little things like browsing the web or talking on the phone ect ect. So last night I told myself to really sit down and really really focus on a sng and see what happens, I ended up getting back to back 2nd places. So my confidence is back with sng's and I think ill stick with them, I'm making a new rule to only play if them though if I can truly focus for a whole hour without any kind of distractions. I focused r
  17. The last 6months or longer ive pretty much only played sng's but i'm starting to realize I might not have the patience to only play sng's. I'll spend a hour playing in one then lose on the bubble and go on titlt and instantly join another sng and come in 8th or 9th cause i've simply lost my focus.So lately i've been playing heads up games. And so far I seem to be doing pretty good and a couple people have even mentioned to me that I'm good at heads up. But i've heard a lot of people say that there is simply too much luck involved in online heads up and it's not a good way to increase your ban
  18. so do you have to get 1st place in stage 3...i thought it was top 2? And yeah if i made it all the way to stage 3 then lost on the bubble i might just give up.
  19. first off congrads eccles on make it to the finals and thanks for the tip on when to try to compete in stage 3 (too bad im at work at 6pm est)50,000 starting chips ? WOW! Redbull and starbucks should make a nice buck from those that make the finals
  20. wow so this guy made it to the protege AND the poker classic ? He's my favorite to make the top 45 now. Must be a great player. Either that or he bought directly into it.
  21. anyone know if pokerroom has different qualifers ? I noticed most the people in the poker classic so far are from pokerroom, is this just cause they are a big site or are they doing other types of qualifers possibly ?
  22. So far i've made it to two stage 1's. In the first i didnt play too good and went out 6 or 7th. In the 2nd one i only played two hands the entire sng and lost to runner runner straights both hands!! First hand i flopped the straight then lost to runner runner straight and on the 2nd hand i flopped two pair and lost to runner runner straight, talk about some bad luck.Anyone else notice that it takes forever for a stage 3 to fill up, im worried about making it to stage 3 then having to sit around for 8-10 hours just for it to start. I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth trying because hav
  23. depends what you mean by die down...eventually poker will reach its peak and get to the point where it can only decline. I look at baseball as a prime example, for many years baseball was the #1 sport in america, this i no longer the case but that doesnt mean athletes still dont make millions and that there are no baseball games to go to. Poker is the same way, i think it will reach its peak within the next 5-10 yrs but it will always be big regardless if it goes on a decline.
  24. I love my weed and i always smoke and play but the fact is is that poker is a mental game and purposely lowering your brain from 100% compacity isnt going to make you better. I think people who say weed makes them better at mental tasks is either inmature or is just blind to the facts. Nothing wrong with blazing and i dont think being high affects your game that much but saying it makes you better....comon now.
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