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  1. so hows this work, if you win wone of the tournys you make it to the chapinoshop on the 23rd ?
  2. Anyone know what the buyin is for the california state poker championship this year ? For no limit holdem tourny no rebuys.
  3. Bad beats are gonna happen, just dont let it shake you up too much. If you made the right play then don't sweat over it. You will give others bad beats just as often, the human mind has a tendancy to forget about all the bad beats that you give to other people though so it tends to seem like it only happens to you.This morning I lost with AA to J7....two 7's came out on the board. Ended up busting out on the bubble with that hand.
  4. Yeah who did win? I was first to get knocked out, I played pretty horrible. I blame it on the software, I wasnt able to launch the actual software for some reason I had to play on the internet version which you can't make full screen so its really hard for me to see the screen because I don't have a computer desk I just sit in a lazy boy when I use the computer. No excuses though, I deserved to lose. Good game guys.
  5. hollywood poker and full contact poker.
  6. Sometimes when i try to launch my app it will says "patch failed, network error(2):the system cannot find the file specified"Anyone know how to fix this problem ?
  7. why even bother , you know i'll win Feel free to just give me all your chips otherwise im just gonna forcefully take them from you. See ya at 8pm
  8. ill be playing, i should be home by 10:30 est. Is your $10 on top of the regular payout structure ? I'll try to convince a friend to register also when i get home.
  9. thanks for changing the time!! I will be there. One key question i forgot to ask is if i'll be able to play from hollywood poker since its on the same network. All my money is in hollywood right now. If so then i will be there, my name is warriors420 on hollywood.
  10. is it pretty common for people to trade money online ? cause i wouldnt mind extra money .,....im not good for it.
  11. i think some people consider it such a great achievement because of the number of players registered those two years. Obviously everyone has differenent opionons on the greatest wsop acheivement. There realy is no right or wrong. Either way, making it to the final table in both 2003 and 2004 was a huge acheivement.
  12. i dont suppose the time could be changed to say 11pm est ?? I don't home from work until about 10:30pm est. If the time doesnt change then good luck everyone and have fun.
  13. Right on. The reason why i'm thinking of doing it this way is so I'm rewarded for playing good and if i go on a losing streak or even worse if i go on tilt i dont make it worse by throwing more money in. I think its very easy to play bad and lose money then you dont even realize it cause you just deposit more money so you will continue to play the same, your mind has a way of forgetting your losing streaks. Without depositing any more money ill be forced to make adjustments to my game if i am infact losing because of incorrect play.
  14. What does everyone think of this idea i'm bout to start doing???If every payday my bankroll is up from the what it was the previous week I will be adding some more money into it to reward myself and also help increase my bankroll faster. If I'm down from the previous week I won't add more money. Do you guys think this is a good idea ?
  15. Condgrads, im guessing this was a live game since you guys cut a deal?? I think that K5c was a pretty horrible play considering you had enough chips that you didnt need to push all in with a hand like that just yet. But hey it worked out for ya. Me personally I wouldve raised if I wanted to steal the blinds then folded on the flop depending on what came out, this way if you dont hit anything you are still in the game compared to risking your whole tournament on trying to steal a blind. Just my two cents.
  16. I lost $200 , thanks for asking. As you guys said everyone played any two cards so it threw me off my game. I started playing more hands i wouldnt normally play and tried raising and reraising but people would just not fold no matter what and it ended up costing me even more. The 2-3 hours i was there I only won one pot, the rest of the time i had good hands like trips or a straight people ended up having better hands. Once I was down to my final $100 I decided it just wasn't working out for me and I put the remaining $100 into my online account and am currently getting the other $200 back
  17. Have you tried buying any poker books, there are a lot of good books that have sections dedicated soley to bankroll management.What type of games were you playing where you lost thousands of dollars ? You need to be more specific but it sounds to me like you are either playing limits higher than your bankroll allows or you are playing limits that are high enough that it attracts fairy good players and they are just simply much better than you. In either case you should go to lower stakes it sounds like.I strongly suggest buying and reading multiple books before you deposit any more money into
  18. Whats your favorite books on poker. I only have internet texas holdem by matt hager (spelling?) and harington holdem. I like both, i havent read much of harington on holdem though but so far its pretty good and I'll proally get the 2nd edition as well
  19. Anyone have any suggestions that offer really good deposit bonuses. For example sites where its quicker to get your bonus compared to other sites.
  20. Nice, $500 bucks is nice no matter how you look at it.
  21. I dont think its likely players will get in a huge amount of trouble but you never know. They could always want to make an example of somebody. It's pretty sad that a guy selling crack to kids can get less jail time then someone playing 25cent holdem on his computer in his house.If anyone ever does get arrested for this I would bet money that the judge wouldnt punish them very hard, it would be all over the news and there would be a huge public outcry if someone actually went to prison for playing some poker.Whats even more ironic is that its perfectly legal to go play at a card house in was
  22. I'd be lying if i said i didnt enjoy gambling and the money aspect of poker. But mainly I just enjoy playing poker. The other week we had a little poker game with some friends over at the house and instead of using money we bet with a bunch of bacon we had laying around in the fridge lol. So yeah ill play poker weither its money involved or not. The money does make it more fun though.
  23. Yeah thats one thing i was thinking about. The whole reason i didnt raise preflop is cause i was in good chip position and i knew this other guy would most likely bet on the flop regardless of what he had so if i hit something i could check raise and take the extra money. Thats exactly what ended up happening but the guy didnt lay down his bottom pair with a 7 kicker when after i checked rraised him.Now that im thinking about it some more i really shouldve raised preflop. He proally wouldve folded if i raised preflop then also check raised on the flop. Thanks for the feedback
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