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  1. Paid me and a friend check your pm Grinder
  2. What are some big 18+ Poker tournaments besides the pokerstars Bahamas?
  3. I had a really nice stack about 170K and I raised my normal with Q's and some guy RR I pushed him he has about 160K and he called with AK of course he hit...
  4. BTW does any1 know where the pic in some1's profile I can't remember whos profile it was... it was the pic of captain and that girl it was hilarious and now I can't find it any where
  5. Im in ... you can look me up under Jer-BOW on full tilt poker.. most of my big cashes were before thepokerdb added ftp to their site but recently I did finish pretty high in some tounrys...let me know ... you can hit me up on aim finalevent41
  6. http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/?key=MDAwMDI4...DIyMDAwMDAwMDA- use bonus code SOMETHINGPOKER for 100% up to $600
  7. so you and your 3 friends were going to all bang a cheap hooker at once?
  8. Mike Matusow: y and my cocck is in this girls mouth while i bust the fish
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