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  1. im not looking at the way u played it yet... but i'm confused if ur the hero and ur in the bb, how did you check and then the hero fire 1k? i'm assuming u meant u checked and the villain fired 1k... So you have 7400 behind at that point and there is 12-1500 in the pot? not sure if antes are in now and he's betting 1k. I mean first of all, you should never even consider not going broke right here with ur stack. The problem is is that if he has the ace of spades he shouldn't hesitate to get it in vs ur jamming range either. I mean from his point of view when u c/r him here u could have about a b
  2. sadly, u might be right. actually i don't think i'd be sad. that would be such a cool fucking job.Niche porn writer 4 life.jadaki hurry up and start this shit... i got big ideas.BTW, IF ONLY THIS PU][/b]SSY COULD TALK is the second in a three part trilogy. The third installment will be called WHEN EVIL CUMS AGAIN
  3. u thought it was like cha cha?in case anyone doesn't know about the cha cha, it is a text service you can just text 242242 and ask it any qustino and it will try and tell u the right answer. it ****s up sometimes tho. but it's def. good in a pinch if u got no computer around and want to know some random piece of info.
  4. previously arrested on piracy charges need not apply.
  5. Why is it that the minority of people always have to ruin the party. I mean if the young fans would hurry up and start doing blow and getting preggers then you truly could have a free society over there at mirandavirgin.com. It sounds like a cult of wholesomeness, which intrigues me. I feel like wholesome people are the most depraved, like i bet there is way more pedophiles in that forum than in this one.
  6. chicken i might not buy it, but i'd totally watch it for free on the internets.
  7. the movie would open like thisFADE IN TO NEWS HEADLINE: "serial killer on the loose; 15 women found stabbed in the back of the throat"CUT TO DETECTIVE OFFICE: Our detective is talking to her partner (played by randy spears) she is saying she needs to fully understand his motives, so he offers her the c[/]ock. she gladly accepts.AFTER OBLIGATORY FACIAL THEY HEAD OUT TO THE STREETS TO LOOK FOR LEADS: they find a woman who has seen the guilty head... teh two of them fuck randy spears. and then every dude with a cock they can find and a couple asian chicks just for the sake of plot developmentFINA
  8. i feel like i just had information for breakfast.thanks guys.hey and we can name the porno "the Real Head detective"
  9. sweet.... the one here still had some pretty good shit in it. i need to find a spot where everyone is really really poor cause i figure that spot will still have alot of the nice shit in it. I should be moving march 6-15th into my house and i want a big tv.
  10. yeah americans are going to try to get jobs weaving ponchos in Guadalajara for 1.25 an hour.in other news, josh i have an idea for one o ur pornos. it can be a murder mystery and one of the detectives is a hot chick and some dudes cock is the suspect and in a scene where she is trying to get info the dude says to her "interrogate that cock bitch"just an idea.
  11. happy toosday.think i'm going to go back to bed now.but hi...and does anyone know how long the circuit city sales are going on exactly?
  12. Holy shit that kid was tripping out so hard. Thats one of my new favorite videos ever.
  13. yeah i think the next logical step in teh progression is "yeah i already ****ed mine" but i'm not sure u can come back from that.
  14. and yeah eric that is a great atmosphere song, but sucks they had to cut out the "**** off *******, jerk off, dirtball"
  15. Have any of you guys ever been in a social security office? It's a dirty dirty world in there. At least in this state.Anyway i busted a gut multiple times reading the last couple pages.And no it was not Born in teh USA.... lol you would pick that song. Not that it's not a great song, but i have a question, as a republican is that song the default song that plays in ur head when there is not another song up there.For me it's "conga" by the miami sound machine or the heat is on, which i think is robert palmer... oddly enough i don't really like either song, yet they show up regularly in my head.
  16. it made the art that much more palatable on a purely intellectual level in my opinion.
  17. i found it very gracious. thank you.
  18. the kool aid people have and will always have an unspoken bond. they do not however have pics.... maybe brad can have ur cornhole which will save me from having to give it up in whcih case i can sneak to DC and take some pic's of raquel stealth style. i think it's a win win for everyone.
  19. It's a crazy world, i guess anything is possible. If i were smart i would surrender now, but i don't roll like that.
  20. First of all that's ****ed up. Brad don't get me drunk and try any crazy shit, i've been blacking out lately. And secondly, seeing as ur a star pupil, i think that i cannot with a good conscious give you any sort of ez assignment. In fact i think you, in the spirit of your education, require a difficult project. Yes something very demanding, very tough, strenous even. I, after all grade on a very rigid scale.
  21. what? and i was told i got to pitch
  22. well depends.... thursday night we are celebrating my brothers birthday and he said he wants to go to a local strip club. So i'm sure that will be fun. I'd say you get in on that., we could even go grab some food and just meet them out there later or someting.If ur not into that we can do something wednesday night. whatever man, i'm ez.doh FTOPS starts wedndday night so i'm def. cooler for thurday but still either one cool.
  23. as is immediately called on by the teacher.
  24. I Want to Be Sedated by the Ramones?Even if I'm right, times up. Damn.no but i do love that song... the song in my head wasn't even a good song.i want to be sedated always make me think of this other song that i love. i think a pixies song that i can't remember right now... **** i'm annoyed i can't remember right now.
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