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  1. ok heres the full story. for 3 yrs ive been using my bro's (21) money and vice versa for 3 yrs. ive never played with money i cant afford. i lost 2.5k of his money and 200 euros of my mums which was supposed to be used to buy myself a digital camera for xmas. i went t o bank and borrowed. got the money within 2 days due to my college stuff and all. 2 nite i lost 1500 more of my bros money and now he has none left. he does not know this. he does doing xmas shopping 2moro as well. my family are actually quite wealthy so in comparison this is nothing but the circumstances i will be killed. ii kno
  2. just now i started crying. the 1st time in 5 years.
  3. Ok so im in a **** load of depth. my parents think im a winning player. im 18. how do i start the conversation. and yes i know ive ruined xmas for my family cuz im a selfish git. im so fuked.
  4. Is it a decent place or just boring. i was thinking of going to vancouver. whats the night life like?
  5. We have had a number of meetings with the WPT and to be honest they are very ignornant and naive about the issue until we brought up the lawsuit. The lawsuit was a last effort and we would not get involved in it if we felt we did not stand a chance. Even if we lose at least the issue did not got get seen to. in response to a post i saw a while back about our reputation been destroyed regardless. I dont agree with this. However if it must, it must. I know this is a wild comparison but Galileo's reputation was destroyed when he accused the Church of wrongful claims.With regards to our strategic
  6. These are very important points which all seven of us feel need to be resolved.
  7. I haven't disappeared. I am reading every single reply.
  8. We’ve tried very hard since November to negotiate a settlement of the release with the World Poker Tour. We were bargaining in good faith as best we could. There are some very important elements of that release that are completely unacceptable. There are other issues beside the release, but the release was the thing that got us here. There are three major issues. First, the number of tournaments is limited by the agreements between the WPT and the host casinos. Second, the release and the broad rights the WPT feels like it should have in terms of our name and likeness are completely unfair, pa
  9. Daniel, I have tried and unsuccessfully to get in touch with you with regards to the lawsuit. Someone suggested to get in touch with you via this forum as you are supposed to be a quite frequent browser. I and a number of the other players believe this issue has got completely out of hand. I can already see a number of threads about the issue in hand. You are an ambassador to this game with a very influential voice which is also quite vocal. This is why i feel we need to deal with this feud between us. Greg, told me about his comments and i believe he has apologised. I do hope this does not sp
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