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  1. DN even considers phils book to be among the best and so do i your a total idiot if you think phils play poker like the pros was a bad book are you serious lol those are prolly 2 of the best books on the market you must not understand the game of poker if you consider these two books to be bad... what do you consider to be good?
  2. i have recently posted this in the bad beat sections of the forum but got very little answers so ill discuss the hand and by the end hopefully some1 could tell me where or what i did wrong or if i played it correctly.......im playing 1/2$ NLHE at bugysclub.com 9 handed i pick up QcQh in 3rd possion UTG raises 6$ to go 2nd seat folds i re raise making it 18$ to go the table folds back around to him and he called the additonal 12$ flop comes Qd 7h 4h he checks i check turn is the 7s he leads out with 10$ i make it 25$ to go (15$ more) he reraises making it all of his chips wich was about 175 $ b
  3. it may be a donk call but hes sitten with 50million in chips and its 6 million with KJ suited to take out the best polayer left in the tourney come on wouldnt we all call with a decent chance to take out allen and he had better he was a coin flip he knew thats the best he could get it in against allen so he had to...i dont fault the 6 million call with KJs when you have 50 million and allens all in
  4. hellmuth is the greatest tourney NLHE player ever plain and simple lets just leave it at that
  5. wow do i have a bad beat story for the ages in this one neway allow me to get to it....im playind 1/2 NLHE at bugsys club.com i pick up Qc Qd in 3rd positon man UTG raises 6$ to go (fold) i reraise making 18$ to go rest of the table folds back to UTG raiser he calls my bet. flops comes Qs 7d 3c he checks i check. 4th street brings another 7s he leads out with 10$ i make it 25$ he then reraises making it all of his chips which was 175$ more i quickly call river brings the 7h my opponet flips up Ac 7c...can some1 tell me if i had played this wrong so i kno next time what to do when i flop th
  6. ive often been signing up for some online tourneys and ive noticed they say freeze out when you sign up.....i was wondering what that means bcuz i have gotten so many different answers. some1 told me that it means the blinds stay the same....some1 else had told me that it means there are no rebuys...and finally some1 told me alls it means is that you play until one person has all the chips so if someone couple please xplain that to me it would be greatly appreciated. thank youKL
  7. yes dn i must agree video blog def. cool....i sure hope you keep it going
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