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    Watts CA Fred G Sanford The "G" stands for ghetto
  1. dont you threatin me wift no judo karate stuff
  3. gimme 10 bucks onna beanz ifz theys still enny action lef cause I gotta be cool an bet on him to
  4. What da hell iz goin on round here?Sumbudy get dat dam goat from ma livin room!LAMONT!!!!
  5. Juz wat u tryin ta pulls in hear? Deze folk ear ma frendz an I wont has nosbody insultin dem!Howd yo like onez crossed yo lips?
  6. Cauze theys dont thank dat theys posed ta makes fuz ofz usd andymore fer sum readon er anoder. We cen takes a damn joke, ya know. I godda grin outta it, but Iz too old fer all dat racist junkI hadda TV show makin fun of uz fer years and nobodee saidda damn word bout itTimez iz changed Mr Neg....Nega....Negggerra.... caint pronounciate itJuzz watch out fer that Ester, she dont never get a funny
  7. Howd you like ones a these crossed tha lips? :shaking fist:
  8. How wood you like ones crossed yo lips?
  9. oh ya gonna burns in da hell fer that there bean man!
  10. Fred Sanford


    Ib juz like ta sey dat PACTa iz da bezd damded site inz da wourld!Bezd support around!Habadaba fer president!
  11. Iz caint belieb youd done said dat!Weze blak folk dont stealtz stuff, weze barree etHowd you likes onez crossd yo lips mesta banka man?
  12. dat shats not funnyhe need ta get outs in da sun mo dats alldat gal hed dun marry iz big tholook like shed like da pound a poke specal down at da dinry on da conariz 12 ozes a prezed hams anz fo onzes a salt
  13. getsha sum ripple an relax manYou kould be outz gatherin up junk inna pink truck
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