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  1. From DN's perspective (and many others) it is not the same kind of case. There are plenty of other poker tournaments and series that have $10,000 events. The WPT does not need to be a top player's bread and butter. There is the WSOP and its Circuit Events and tons of other large buy-in events weekly. The WPT is not an exclusive poker player tour in the same way that the PGA, NFL, and NBA are for their players.What this means is that even though the WPT release is over-the-top, players are not at all forced to sign it, because the WPT just isn't important enough--there are lots of other options
  2. Many of the arguments surrounding the WPT draw on an analogy between the WPT and other professional sports associations. Putting aside the question of whether or not poker is a sport, it seems to me that this analogy is tenuous.NBA and NFL players have no other outlet to make the kind of money that they do utilizing their talents. The same cannot be said for poker. There are 10k buy-in tournaments all of the time, even when you exclude the WPT. Although the WPT is a tour in that it is held at different locations over the course of a year, it is just one of many series of tournaments. There the
  3. My thinking exactly, only you said it much better. Given that he didn't push harder, he has to slow down completely... a raise to 5k on the turn is an in-between, non-commital play that doesn't have much value.
  4. Preflop, I think your decision is close between pushing all-in or calling. Given the size on the blinds, pushing it all in is certainly a reasonable strategy, especially if there is some fold equity. Calling and taking a flop to decide if you want to make your move depending on the action and what flops also seems resonable, especially because you have position.I think the mistake is made on the turn. The outcome would likely be the same, but raising to 5k doesn't seem like a good option. There is 6600 in the pot on the flop. With his 1200 and your 5000, the pot is 12800 and your raise is only
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