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  1. Why is everyone looking at it only from the players side of the argument? Think about what the WPT potentially has to lose by changing the release. The release has the wording there for a reason, and I am quite sure they had attorneys pour over the release to make sure that it was within the interpretation of the law. I am sure they thought that it may be challenged at some point, and if they thought it was illegal, why waste money for attorneys if they knew they wouldn't win?The WPT will not be bullied by a few poker "stars" to change their release when their product hasn't suffered from it
  2. Also, in section 58 of the complaint the example is given where WPTE has used video footage of Mr. Gordon playing in WPT tournaments - without his prior knowledge or any compensation - to promote its World Poker Tour Boot Camp, in direct competion with "Las Vegas Academy" poker fantasy camp run by Mr. Gordon and co-Plaintiff Andrew Bloch.Now that I have read and thought about this more, I think a person would have to be an idiot to sign up for the WPT Boot camp expecting Andy Bloch or Phil Gordon because of some dumb ad. The first thing you do is find out who is actually going to be there, an
  3. The thing is, 57 and 58 from the litigants' complaint are examples of the WPT doing things that Daniel claims they have never done. This was one of the main arguments He made in coming to His posistion and he has said that if it were brought to light that he was wrong on this point then he would reconsider his position. If 57 and 58 are what they appear to be then Daniel IS wrong on this foundation point of his stance and He Should Reconsider as he said he would.PairTheBoard DN would have to answer this one. But, as far as this point is concerned for me, they signed this form a long time befo
  4. what the WPT is doing is CRIMINAL and ILLEGAL and will not be allowed to continuePhil Gordon: periodI had to laugh at this....The WSOP's release is worse, yet they still play in WSOP events without litigation....why is that? Is it because the WSOP allows them to pimp their site and the WPT doesn't? Or can they wear their gear on the WPT? Come on Phil.....own up and tell us the truth for the lawsuit. Not to mention, they happily signed the release when they were "just" poker pros and had no marketability whatsoever. They signed it because it was a lucrative tourney where they could win a l
  5. 57. For example, WPTE markets the "World Poker Tour" video game which competes with, among other things, the "World Championship Poker" line of video games co-Plaintiffs Howard Lederer, Annie Duke and Greg Raymer each have licensed to Crave Entertainment, Inc - which manufactures and sells the "World Championship Poker" video games - the exclusive right to use their names, likenesses, images in conjunction with Crave video games. WPTE, however, upon information and belief, has used video footage of Messrs. Lederer and Raymer and Ms Duke playing in the WPT tournament as part of its "World Poker
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