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  1. Good job, I sould start watching your deep turny play and learn how to make FT more often.
  2. No i dont, im just wondering if you signed up casue 3-4 FCP members ive already said hi too and was wondering if it was you.
  3. Are you signed up and ya there is one after 10 posts you sould be able to veiw it.whats ur name on there?
  4. You have to be a member and have over 10 post to access the home game section.
  5. If its spam then get some eggs and bacon and have a heart attack whatarunaa.People from around lower mainland and interoir are just as welcome, but mainly is for local vancouver to chilliwack looking for regular home games. But feel free to sign up caught clean.
  6. Hey guys, This message is manly for Local vancouver, b.c. poker players to check out my new site. Im not trying to spam or deprive FCP in anyway of members. I injoy and play poker more than my friends do so I had to start a forum for players like me. The site is a meeting place for home games, live and online MTT and poker disscuion. I have a private table account on Pstars and we will be having weekly games, as well as a live monthly higher limit MTT. The site is only 2 days old and will be having alot of changes to teh look and scetions in the weeks/months to come. Check it out if your
  7. Made it heads up,even in chips and made a split pot deal.
  8. Nice cash gyaygi Might break my bubble curse,..currently 1 out of 29 left in a 4-180.
  9. In the next 10 and 20 180's anyone else..and take it down flushgarden.
  10. out with my a6 vs 55 all after I raised Preflop and a 566 board. I love how rigged online poker sites pit hands and no one can fold preflop to a raise.Sign up for the next one guys.
  11. Ya pstars is the devil,ive bubbled 19th,20th the last 3 tims to runner runner st8s..i hit trips and the underpair 4 card st8s every time.
  12. Need to not bubble and I could stake you with some broccli and chesse on the side.
  13. Ok,lets go..60 already signed up,..anyone that has 2-3 hours to kill then come play in the next one.
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