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  1. TRIIIIPLE up!! LOL wtf was KJ doing??
  2. What a Jopke I always wondered, how can you make your cards pocket aces everytime pre-flop?? What if someone else has one of your aces, or you flop one of the same suit? Wouldn't it look a tad suspicious that you got pocket Aces 500 hands in a row?? lol nh
  3. I can't get the videos to play. I have a mac and they keep opening quicktime, but do not give me a picture. Are there any other sites besides fstln that have tuff+fish??
  4. Wow OP is a complete idiot. If there was a cap on the ME entrants, online poker traffic would go down because ppl would not be able to sat into it. That is a huge thing that sites offer, wsop seats, and it would hurt them if they lost that business. Also, many people play poker because they think they can chris moneymaker it big. Take away the wsop and there is no glaring 12mil prize to be won, and you lose the fantasy players/donks who make up these rooms. Overall, it would hurt the entire world of poker in terms of population and dead money while dissapointing endless amounts of people so yo
  5. I won the ticket a while back for 20 bucks and I couldn't play that weekend, so I unregistered.... I want to play one more tourney, but I dn which to play....
  6. I won a sat. for 215 tourney dollars. Should I play the 200k guarenteed with 19 215 dollar bounties, a 10 person sng for 215, or a 6 person sng for 215 bucks? Should I see how many seem to be showing at the 200k guarenteed??The condition is I have to spend all of it at once so no 2 100 dollar tourneys...If I dont cash, Im taking a small break from poker but If I do cash, Ill keep it up. What do you think??
  7. When I have 100 dollars and am considering playing for 215 bucks, yes.
  8. Don't listen to all of these people who say play. It isn't their money/bankroll so they don't appreciate it as much. Sell the ticket at http://www.psdollars.com/ and build your bankroll. Say you take one bad beat or are counterfitted on a big hand. You lost 215 bucks! Take the $$, be happy and run!
  9. You really are a great story teller. This is one of the better ones Ive read in a while..
  10. Table #2 Looks Like only about 500 tonight Itl be a nice change to limit..
  11. Satted into every single one of em I have a couple super cupons..
  12. Cashed in the sunday million, sup mon, and tues this week so I figure I should play wednesday... Who else is with me?
  13. Large soft fields and many mtts... Party pokerGuarenteed tourneys that always go above the guarentee and decent field... Full Tilt.. Party doesnt have rakeback but fulltilt you can get 27% at rakebreak.comEdit: Fulltilt has better faster easier software and Party has a new tourney like every 8 mins..
  14. Table #7 150 left 25k in chips ave. is 37500 jwizzle114out lol
  15. How about 4 man table 1nce or 10 man table.... You consider yourself much better then the table..
  16. use epassporte to fund its instant after you verify the small pending charge, which takes about 15 mins. Deposit on party and withdraw it into a neteller.. They call you once and then your set
  17. Im calling locked up within 2 hrs..
  18. Agreed im done at stars for now... 2 tabled and double boubled lol I just can never seem to do well there..
  19. Out in 103.... Sick call on a board of like 8610 with 55 i had KQ
  20. lol was gonna go allin w. K10s Oh **** i just realized that guy hit a 1 outer!!!
  21. tried to re steal w. 57s JohhnyBax had KK flop 896 lol i felt bad but none the less.... 37500 at the break
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