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  1. ok, well here has been my story for the last couple weeks of playing poker with friends, me having ace king bets, another person calls, flop comes king 2 4, i raise all in(short stack) the guys says ok i guess im getting odds, calls shows ace queen, with 3 clubs, total, the turn and river are both clubs, tonight i had pocker 9's (first hand) i re-raise after it has be raised from a guy i think who may have ace queen or ace somthing because he never normally plays hand without a ace, anyways the flop comes ace, ace, ace.... giving me a full house and what i think is quad aces for the guy, he th
  2. as far as i know i dont think so, if the guys mucks his cards, it says that the other guys wins.
  3. how ever i wanna step up my "game". So i think this would be a good test...
  4. i hear some of the people saying stuff about school, im sorry but school makes me fall asleep.... i would rather play poker then go to school day after day, how ever sence i am not 18 i do not have a choice......
  5. ya thanks for the help, i think i will take my shot.
  6. but im sure after i play once i wont be scared, so will it be worth it to try it out once?
  7. hey dude who cares how i spell as long as u get the point....
  8. Hey, my i am 17 years old and way into poker, me and my friends play poker basically every weekend or so, how ever tonight we had a bigger tourney(we only play tourney style) how ever we had a friends uncle play(we buy in for 5 bucks. Of course the guy did well, and he informed us later that he playes a 50 dollar buy in tourney once a month with 40 other people and said that if we wanted to play that we could because we bascailly know what were doing. I would like to play but the other people maybe in the 30's(guessing).But i could be way out matched, and out skilled. what do u guys think i sh
  9. isnt the nuts ace 2 3 4 5, for the stright, and 5 high?
  10. what i dont get is how people can call them selfs the best...... or even one of the best.
  11. look were lucky for him to even agree to do it again.... just give it time.
  12. i liked it, i mean u have to show both philis one always complains and its funny and the other one is just so darn good.oh well i give it 7.5
  13. man i wish he would come out with other ones soon.....
  14. ya i would rather play live, but it comes to a point where u dont hit cards for a while in a live game it tends to get boring, in online u can do many tables at once to keep u into the game, how ever thats odds are where the online fails to live poker, if u used to playing 6 tables online and your at least playing 2 hands at a time, when u get to a live game it will get boring fast for the person... so thats the only downfall i see in online poker.
  15. there has to be somthing very big going on if its a 4-1 and there choping, if had the 4 there is no way i would chop at all. and if i were the 1, i would feel lucky.
  16. ok well i am 18, what do u think the main event prize money will be when i turn 21 with it being 12 million this year?
  17. pretty sure u didnt talk him out of it, he just had a high flush......... he was gonna call with the king anyways.
  18. if u were worried about a draw, u should raised to try and force him out.... same thing on the turn if its a blank, if its a card that u fear then u just call or fold depending on the bet..... and if u were worried about the hearts like u said u were, why did u do all in when the other heart hit???? it makes no sence....... because if u were truly worried u would have folded or at least waited to go all in the river....
  19. wow u got ROCKED that sucks dude, but it happens it part of poker
  20. well if you wanna go to myspace or somthing like that here is the final hand of 2006 wsop..... width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2lIqILInK0"></param><embed allowScriptAccess="never" allownetworking="internal" src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2lIqILInK0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed>..>
  21. hes just saying DN is the man in a rude way.
  22. man it ant no analogy we all know DN is a pimp! anyways it was good way to put it.
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