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  1. Tournament blinds @ 60/120.I'm sitting relatively comfortable with 19000 in chips.I got lucky enough to be seated to the left of the loose and drunken rookie at the table. (Chip leader lol --sucked out an all in preflop call with Ac2d against an AhQh by hitting four clubs)To my left is an extremely tight lawyer. (Sitting with about 8k--He plays exactly his cards--never bluffs--very easy to read)To his left is a somewhat solid rookie--who I have gotten a very good feel for. (He has about 12k--We'll call him Mr. B)--Mr. B is the player that the hand focuses on.Things to note on Mr. B: He overplays his pocket pairs. I had witnessed him raise all in pre with any pocket pair he picks up. (44, 77, JJ, and even 22) An amateure--he overplays his hands, but otherwise he plays standard "by the book" poker.I am on the button with a suited 9c10c. Mr. B limps in first position. Nobody else limps. The small blind is away from the table so he is folded. The tight lawyer checks--indicating a weak hand. So three of us go to the flop--The lawyer, Mr. B, and I.Flop: 10h 7c 7dPot size: 420Lawyer checks.Mr. B checks.I bet 360. --Feeler bet.Lawyer folds.Mr. B smooth calls. (This makes me put him on either a 7, 89, or a 10)Turn: 2sMr. B checks. (Making me put him on a 7 even more)I check behind him.River: 7hMr. B goes all in.Before you read what is below here. Gather up all of the information I've given you. Think about it and figure out what you would do here. Your decision here is a good indicator as to how good of a poker player you are.So... what a decision... I think to myself (aloud like always)... The hands that can beat me here are: JJ, QQ, KK, AA, and x7. From how he plays his pocket pairs I rule out that he DEFINITELY doesn't have JJ, QQ, KK, or AA. So I'm putting him on either a 10x hand or a 7x hand. So at best I'm probably going to split here. The way the hand came out he would have no reason to bluff here. So... what did you decide to do? Call or fold? The deciding factor for me was this: I only have 480 invested in the pot. The pot size at this point is now 1140. I have to call about 10k here. Everything leads me to believe he has quad 7's here! Although I've seen him overplay his hands, he played it like he had a 7. I ended up folding bc I didn't want to risk 10k for only 1k when I'm at best splitting. (I have to tighten up in a tournament situation) Although it was possible he missed a straight draw and tried to bluff on the river. I ruled it out entirely, bc it just wasn't his style. Lucky for me he showed his quad 7's and my improved confidence ended up leading me to take 1st again. So be HONEST, what did you decide to do here?

  2. The "Min-Raise" is a terrible move. It is called a "Post-Oak Bluff". Anyone who has any knowledge of NL Hold Em knows that this is a very weak play. In Doyle Brunson's Super System he states "NEVER make a Post-Oak Bluff, it is a very weak play and I never do it." There are many reasons behind it, but I am not going to be a mentor, so go buy the Super System or reread it if you forgot!

  3. Honestly, cash out half-$200. You get 200 in your pocket, and you have 200 to experiment with. I recommend taking 100 of your 200 into the $1-$2 tables, but since u claim to be a novice, if you aren't aggressive enough, either buy in the $1-$2 tables with all 200, or play at a .50-1.00 table. Either way it's win-win, u get profit to cash out, and you get money to build and experiment with. Good luck in college!

  4. I do not think that it could really hurt a professionals game because they are able to constanty change gears and switch up their strategies while playing. I think that if someone thinks that they have a good read on Daniels game or another professionals gamet that they are going to realize that and switch up their game which might have a reverse effect on the information you have on them.
    I agree, and have always thought that, but I was curious as to Daniel's perspective. LoL oh, and i'm still lost.... Pottery?
  5. He IS entitled to his opinion :club: Newayz, about Greg Raymer. When he won the WPT he even stated that he was not a pro. He said he has a lot to learn and he lucked out but just kept his mentality straight. So for everyone trying to say he's a pro, look up his background. The only tournaments he had really played before he won the WPT were satellites from Poker Stars. I'm not saying he's a BAD player, obviously he's not he won the biggest poker tournament there is, BUT even he admits that he is not at the same level as the elite.

  6. So I am being called ignorant because i believe that Raymer is NOT a "chameleon"? Greg Raymer is no chameleon, sure he may not bet his big hands the same everytime, he may even mix it up by throwing a check in there LMAO. But he is NO WAY, NO HOW constantly mixing his game up. Also, I stated that he is not called "Fossilman" bc he plays like a rock, but that is why he SHOULD be called "Fossilman". Nonetheless, your ignorance is also displayed when you maintain your uprighteousness by simply telling us all that we have no concept of poker because we have not won main events. Ditto my friend... Enough blamming, it makes me sick.PS: Chris Moneymaker is a millionaire... Should we take notes from him? Your ignorance is also forgiven.

  7. Your sn says a lot about where you are coming from.If you were a long time 2+2 reader you would have a bit more basis for your opinions than a few snippets from highly edited TV shows. GR is deeply grounded in poker theory and extremely creative. His name will be high on the leaderboards for a long time to come.
    I've been an avid NL player before WPT was aired... My opinions are not based on " a few snippets from highly edited TV shows." Can/Do you ever see GR play ANY two cards and set up plays with them? He is... simply put: a fossil, and before long his name will be fossilized as well.
  8. I have no idea how to get his attention, but hopefully the title did the trick! :club: I remember back when I read the Super System, Doyle discussed the WPT being around 100 players (I'd give the exact number, but I'm not searching for the book). If the ingenious "pocket cam" was not invented, there would not be an enormous Hold 'em hype. When the WPT launched it, many pros' careers took off, just like Daniel explains. With that said, I have wondered MANY MANY times, what do you think about the pocket cams? I know that without them, you, along with many other pros, would not have the fame that you do today, and you show how grateful you are for it. But... Do you ever feel that it is hurtful to your game having many of your hands being displayed on national TV?

  9. how many new threads you going to start today?
    3 to be exact, and if you read them all you would see that I apologized for posting so many. You seem to start a lot of heated arguments with people, so please refrain on my posts, you would think that THIS topic wouldn't be one that would start yet another argument, but I could be wrong. Please only post if you have a response to the questions, not degrading remarks. Thank you.
  10. Well my anti-Raymer post was stopped, so they all should. Too many people have opposite opinions about the man, so nothing but arguments are going to arise from the topic. On a previous note, players were trying to tell me that Raymer is an AGGRESSIVE player, whom maintains his big chip stacks. I have seen many games with the "Fossilman" in it, and that man is one of the least aggressive "pros" I know of. Sure, when he picks up cards, he knows how to play them, but he is in no way capable of what many other pros are. Stick him at a table with nobody but DN, Ivey, and Brunson, at a table with high blinds, and the man is toast. Forgive me if I do not know the story behind Raymer's nickname, (for I am not an avid Raymer fan in any case), but I would take his nickname "Fossilman" being relative to being called a ROCK. Blam my post all you want, but my opinions are mine and mine alone. Top players are aggressive players, and Greg "The Fossilman" Raymer is NOT an aggressive player.

  11. V-blogs are very entertaining, but my guess is they run around $750 each to produce. Daniel can type out a blog for virtually nothing. :club:
    I'm not disagreeing, bc I am not positive, but I'm guessing with the adverts for FullContactPoker before and after every vlog, they are probably sponsoring it. Correct me please if that is nowhere near the truth?
  12. Raymer handled it very well, but what else would he have done? Said to Matusow, "mine are bigger than yours."
    LoL well he could have responded in many ways, put many players in that position and see how that ends up. :club: But nonetheless he didn't portray himself nicely this time.
  13. Making fun of Raymer´s man-boobs wasn´t that POLITE, was it...?
    LoL it was well-deserved, but can you really say that DN is not a gentleman at the table? I never really liked how Raymer played cards, but I gave him credit for being a better man at the table when he got told he had "little kahuna's" lol but now i have very little respect for him at all.
  14. Although it may never be read, I want to post it neway. (I'm not drawing dead here, I have outs!) I just wanted to remind ya to keep your cool! With Raymer's recent statements, many bad beats I'm sure (no POSITIVE) you've had in your career, and knowing Phil Hellmuth, :club: who wouldn't want to explode!? Many of us idolize you as a poker player because of your ability to keep your cool, so even though you don't need the advice, just a reminder: KEEP BEING POLITE! What you say and do can't be taken back. (OK I'M DONE STATING THE OBVIOUS!) :D And sorry all for making 3 posts in a row!!! I had a lot I wanted to say! :D

  15. I just want to state the obvious. Greg Raymer is not a pro poker player. I feel confident that everyone within these forums would agree with me that Raymer is an amateur that picked up a good run of cards in the WPT when he won it. He rarely made any good plays, he did what most amateurs do: He played the cards exactly how they were dealt. So with that said, the insults he made aren't even worth a drop of sweat. Raymer is in no way, near DN's playing level. He is now invited to televised events only because of him winning the event. It is inevitable that with the rise of NL hold em's popularity, many amateurs will be seen within the top 10 of multiple events. If you have thousands of amateurs entering tournaments, you are bound to see a few place every now and then. Raymer happened to be one of them. With that said, I also want to apologize for everything I just ranted about. :club: I am not the type to insult, and aside from his poker skills, DN's ability to be the bigger man is the reason he has been my favorite poker player.

  16. Alright so everyone has that one person at the table who is the absolute epitome of a ROCK. That player that never plays a hand. Well, I always come to find myself running into the player whom never gets into a pot unless they have the nuts. Obviously I rarely get in a pot with them, but everyone else at the table can't seem to understand the concept! Everytime I play poker, I always find that the tightest player at the table ends up with one of the biggest chip stacks. I'm a very aggressive player (not loose, but smart aggressive). But whenever these tight players get ahold of chips, they never let go of them because they are never in the hands to lose them! It seems like the only chance I get to take any money from them is when I make a play by raising it up on the button and find the "Dinosaur" at the table calling my raise! From then, I can usually outplay the player. But my question is... When you are at a cash game table where the threat of "being blinded out" is not a threat, how do you take chips from a rock? I always see weak players giving away all their chips to these weak tight players, and then I rarely get a chance to find myself in a pot with them! I'm always looking for a chance to outplay or outdraw them, but when the player rarely gets in a pot, and only raises OUTRAGEOUS amounts not even worth calling, how do I even get involved!? Do I just constantly avoid them and let the weak players give them their money!? I can't just let this happen! What would you all do? :PEDIT: Ah sorry but I just realized that this is in the wrong forum, so sorry!

  17. In one of Daniel's earlier but recent video blog he went on to discuss his tournament and previous hands within it. One that really stuck out to me was the one where he had AA in middle position, the chip leader was on the button and a tight player raised in early postion 3k. DN picks up AA and reraises 9k (or to 9k?). When the chip leader calls and the tight player folds, he braces himself. So when a 5 falls on the turn he says he checked in order to keep the pot minimal. The chip leader checks behind him. The river pairs the 8. Here, Daniel says he overbet the pot but he asks what we think the best bet would have been. He states 25k would have been the best bet. The guy folded bc he overbet the pot, showing that he had JJ. So 25k would have been the best bet because why? I believe it is because if he bet 12k on the flop and the guy called, he was going to call off 25k with the losing hand as well, now that he was involved. If Daniel was beat, that bet wasn't extremely dangerous, and it would kinda prove as a "feel bet", as opposed to showing weakness and checking in front of him. What does everyone else think? OH and another thing, I really want to know what the blinds were at this table in the first place. Does ne1 happen to know?

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