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  1. dude you messed up, be nice to your parents and get all that you can from them. if praying means theyll pay the down payment on your car then you best bow down nukka
  2. yea scientology should be outlawed, seriously. i mean its so obviously a scam.
  3. cant read all that but um islam sucks man i hope thats what you were talking about
  4. there is no god, face it and be happy that youre alive. embarce being a mortal embrace what you are.
  5. the shank


    islam sucks, lock thread
  6. my leader! i bow to you!LEAD US COMRADE!
  7. i find it mildly amusing that you do not understand the concept of scientists sluggoon a side note, you over-think things
  8. evolution will never die since truth never will
  9. lol mel gibson, i really doubt too many people take this guy seriously
  10. the bible is like a fiction book, kinda interesting ,mostly a waste of time
  11. sluggo needs to be banned from this forum as his posts cuase me to feel physical pain in my brain area. I try not to look but i always accidentally seem them in the post queve. no im not joking btw.ban, plzsry sluggo
  12. um wow ... dinosaurs? earth forming? lucy? carbon dating? ancient sea life? 4k years of human history if not more written down? so i suppose all that other stuff happened in the 2k before we learned how to farm right?jesus....people amaze me sometimesnon-scientist christians need to stop trying to reinvent everything, seriously, its getting out of hand.
  13. it would be much better world obviously. dont spend too much time daydreaming about it though since it wont happen anytime soon
  14. dont listen to your christian friends when they try to tell you that what you are doing is morally wrong. trust your heart
  15. well basically there are two kinds of intelligence: wisdom and "intellect"a wise person is one with a deep awareness of his surroundingsa smart man is one whose brain is able to process information quickly (iq is a measure of this)an axample of a wise but not an intellectual person would be a street hustler who knows how to survive by his witsan example of a smart but not wise person would be a brilliant professor who is hopelessly clumsythe former are much more likely not to believe in god as wisdom is the primary skill involved in determining fact or fiction in that instanceincidentally thi
  16. kwama, you need to kick that jujuweed and get with the program girlfriend. most people from your country are building careers for themselves as internet scammers and here you are babbling all this bs.
  17. just call the moderate muslims, ya theyre pretty chill, as chill as moderate christians
  18. islam is the crack of the ignorant
  19. i hope we go to war with iran soon i really dont like that country. did any of you guys see that video where they hung two young gay men there it was like a lynching and they were maybe 18. really sick, man i really really hope we bomb them back to the stone age...er no theyre already there nm
  20. the truth is that you are an animal, no different from the other animals on this earth except that you are smart enough to think that maybe theres a life after this one. Dont think you are an animal? take a look around...you have arms legs blood you eat sleep, f&uck and shyt like all the other animals on earth...when a lion dies it doesnt go to a special place for lions up in the sky somewhere based on whether he was a good lion on earth.and neither do you only difference is that man is smart enough to make a choice whether he accepts that reality or believes a myth that he spends his who
  21. remember how you felt before you were alive? Like a black nothingness? Thats what its going to be like when you die. Except forever.
  22. 1 less person teaching bull so i guess its a good thing
  23. im surprised this thread is still active, nothing much going on in the religion forums i guess, which is a good sign
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