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  1. the generals will blow arms and legs off of little iraqi kids for no reason but ask them to take on a psychopath-controlled muslim terror state with nukes and they wanna quit.
  2. stick tostick tostick to shutting the **** up
  3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=AbojHU8OY8krussian rap> hungarian
  4. the shank

    I'm Hungry

    so tasty but so.. so bad...but so tasty..but no, bad
  5. next time read more than the first two words
  6. how so. im sure ur right but why is it so ridiculous to assume dealers take in about 25$ in tips from a session and with their hourly they make about 30 as he said.
  7. i believe that rule is for limit hold em, not NL
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergei_Kharitonov
  9. i want to kill most of you slowly with a dull knife while shitting on your faces
  10. heyyeah daniel if you sell it that will just put 1 more car on the streets thats killing the earth. same for the truck. if they can afford a lexus they can afford a hybrid. looks like youll need to either donate it or scrap it treehugger
  11. lol when i went to france i was asked this like 5 times at least true and i hate it too what?! theirs doesnt do anything. yours banned online poker f.uck you, bi.tch
  12. just because something was built a long time ago doesnt mean its all that great. the acropolis is just a ruin, so are many of the other entries. some ruins are cool ..like the colosseum, others are not that great. the great wall is just a wall. its not even that tall. it was a failure at its intended use and a ton of people died while being forced to build it.
  13. that actually sound like fun, wish i could afford it....
  14. ok this might be a little biased but the kremlin contains four palaces four cathdrals some towers and enclosed by a massive wall. thats like 8 buldings in one. its the only selection where you are actually picking 10 things cause its a square in the middle of moscow full of unique russian buildings. therefore it deserves a vote OVER THE DAMN OPERA HOUSE. thank you
  15. honestly any1 who doesnt pick kremlin is bad at monument choosing.
  16. i ended up voting for the statues, they are just too awesome
  17. theyre having a global vote to choose the new 7 wonders.go vote @ http://www.new7wonders.comthe first 6 were easy:kremlinpyramidsstatue of libertycolosseumgerman castletaj mahalbut now for 7 its between the eiffel tower and the easter island statues.the statues pwn but i cant not vote for eiffel...can i?
  18. lol you just know there 3 aint winnin jackas for me i make 500 monthly playing on the side mostly low stakes NL. im not a pro or semi pro this is recreational poker profit strictly
  19. dont hate on click2pay just cause one of their reps is a useless ho. i would try some other comp for the time being tho.
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