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  1. as much as i enjoy threads by losers saying how bad they are you people really need to stop treating general as your personal diary
  3. lawl when i read the post title i was like "oh no some retard actually has some brains" but then when i read the thread and realized it was sarcasm i smiled....and patted my wallet.
  4. so you wanna throw a tea party for all your FCP girlfriends because they didnt flame you? ahahahano wonder your GF left you OP she wanted a real man with some nuts
  5. the fact that bashing people in the head with blunt objects is illegal.
  6. the only time i feel bad is when i take a pot off a paraplegic who can hardly move the chips to me with his deformed hands
  7. thats was awesome. i see you took a class in flaming also you must have at least a 90 iq to click on my link so please refrain from doing that
  8. think of the earth, asshat
  9. you told on a lot of people in school didnt you.
  10. dont do it. after a while they settle in. it hurts like shyt at first cause they rip at your flesh but after a week or so it goes away.
  11. the shank

    Hide The Fart

    actually thats korean
  12. there are people in this world who could use your organs
  13. if i was one of you losers i would not only spin the wheel i would suck 30 cocks just to get the chance to spin the wheel. as it is i would not spin the wheel
  14. i see u were offended. i wonder why....anyway, dont be... your loserness is natural. its what you are. dont be ashamed or embarassed and lash out when people point it out.
  15. lets not get carried away now....
  16. never in my life have i seen more losers together in one place then on this forum.
  17. when they spell out a word with the letter "r" in it they say "arreh" instead of "are". It makes me wanna slap them upside their cornrows
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