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  1. What does Doyle play as on FTP????
  2. Playing a live 1-3 PLHE game last Friday night. UTG limps and CO limps, I raise the pot from the button with KK. The BB smooth calls and UTG/CO fold. Flop comes AA5. I bet 1/2 pot, BB smooth calls. Turn is a K. BB checks, I bet 3/4 pot, he smooth calls. River bricks. He thinks for a bit and checks. I value bet half pot (Not much left behind) and he smooth calls. I show him Kings full and he shows JJ. LOL WTF. He said 'I just don't know I could've gotten away from those pretty cards' as I raked in the pot. Luckily for me he reloaded to the max buy-in and played for another few hours.
  3. I wonder how long it will take before CR begins an IPO. LOL.In all seriousness, I just watched the first Sbrugby video and I'm definately pumped about getting to watch more.
  4. I think before we get on the 'Jamie Gold is an inconsiderate prick' train we should try to find out how much all of the other players that cashed tipped. Are we to assume only the person who won the tournament is responsible for tipping the dealers? How much did the other final table players tip? How much did the 12 or 13 people that cashed for over 1M tip?
  5. Has anybody gotten the new email from Full Tilt about this new feature? http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/payMyWebATM.php?utm_id=66
  6. I agree with this. I couldn't open-limp the button here with 99. The button can have any two cards and will be able to use his stack to push us off of our hand if we see overcards, assuming we don't hit our set. Even if we do hit our set there's absolutely 0 reason to think we'll get paid off on it. The villan could be holding 27o here and is in check/fold mode. Villian could easily put you on a steal as you were caught bluffing not too long ago, and you said your image was only 'okay'. If you raise and he smooth-calls it would be hard to put him on a pocket-pair smaller than yours, so it's mo
  7. I played sports all growing up and am a very competitive person in general. My little brother actually got me into the game after the Moneymaker win. Everytime it was on TV he would have it on and I would watch. Then he bought SuperSystem II and started using all of these technical terms. So naturally I had to read the book so that I could argue with him about what we were seeing on TV. All the while he was playing online too. Once he moved back to Colorado for college I deposited $50 on Full Tilt so that I could play with him. I've run that initial deposit up pretty nicely in the 6 months I'v
  8. You can configure WMP to save the information so that you don't have to re-enter your information everytime you try to open the files.
  9. My brother got me a subscription to PXF for Christmas and I've already watched a couple of the videos. Very insightfull stuff so far. BeLOWaBOVe is crazy!
  10. Man that sounds good. I'm bout to make some Mac N Cheese. LOL
  11. They're on vacation in Colorado but I have to go to Missouri tomorrow for work.
  12. Well today at our local card room there was a $20 Re-buy tourney (Free entry though) with $1,000 added to the prize pool by the cardroom. I didn't expect many people to be there cause today is Christmas day and all, but we filled up 6 tables or so. Everybody starts with 1,000 chips, the blinds start at 25/50, and move up every 30 minutes. During the first hour (The re-buy period obv.) I was lucky enough to double up three times! Once with KK, once with 99 (Sucked out on AA), and once w/ AK. After the first hour I had a stack of about 4,500 and the blinds 100/200. I played ABC pretty much the w
  13. Whoa, I thought I was the only person who said weaksauce. He's not so much my boss as he is a friend. I've known him for 7 or 8 years now. ****in' priceless. This is the second time he's **** himself in the last year too. Last time we were on a trip to the other side of Houston, got caught in traffic and he **** himself in the car.
  14. Well I got busted uploading the pics onto my Photobucket account, so no pics, but basically he bent over to pick something up and when he bent over it was like opening the flood gates. He claims it was supposed to be a fart, but he filled his tighty whiteys to the brim. He had to drive home to change himself cause apparently it leaked through the tighty whiteys and down his leg.....
  15. Harrington's two strategies for dealing with maniacs are 'The Hammer' and the 'Rope-A-Dope' which is basically slow-playing.
  16. LMAO!! Probably some kind of chop or deal not to get into any big pots until heads up.
  17. I had been railing for some time and got the same read that he would be shoving w/ any 2. You made the right call, just didn't win the race.
  18. I think the call was fine. He was probably the most aggressive at the table and there was no reason to think you weren't way ahead or at least flipping.
  19. LOL, that sucks. At least doing something donktastic online is slightly less embarassing than doing it live.
  20. The second time I ever logged onto Full Tilt I was scrolling the list of $5.50 SNG's and I saw one with red on it (A pro was playing) and I saw that 8 of 9 people had signed up, so I clicked on it as fast as possible and registered.The table starts and it's Chris Ferguson playing! This was during his prop bet to turn 10,000 from 0 playing nothing but online. Anyways, the cards get dealt I soon realize we're playing 7-Card Stud, a game I had never played before but had seen played, so I kinda knew what was going on. The very first hand I get 3 Jacks dealt to me, so I raise it. Chris re-raises w
  21. Thanks guys! My strategy early was to try to see lots of flops with connectors, one-gappers, and small pairs to try to pick off somebody willing to go broke with TP. Now I just need to get some sleep so I can be rested.
  22. I'm going to play in the Stars $11 DS event tomorrow and I was wondering if there any basic adjustments I should be making for this event? Ive never played a tourney with such a slow or deep structure, so I'm a little curious. Thanks!
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