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  1. Sounds to me that Dave isn`t really committed to anything. He is just doing what he wants and having fun.May not be a good idea to some but it is his choice I guess
  2. Personally paul is a player that I do not know much about but seems to be someone that has his priorities in order at least.
  3. The people who don`t know his name, will know it soon. His WPT titiles as well as his desire to get better will only mean future successGood match between him and DN on PokerSuperstars III as well enjoyed watching it.
  4. Wow. This is the first I have heard of a problem like that. Looking forward to everything being clarified though.
  5. I was going to post a question here but all my qauestions have been answered thanks for the info.
  6. Never have quit. Play when I have the time wish i could play more but what can you do lol
  7. I love his stare-down Hard not to be a little nervous with his look
  8. Gus has to be one of my favorites to watch it seems everything he does is a set-up for later in games or tournaments.Jimbob i also like your answer that is very true.
  9. I was just wondering how do you join the poker league?
  10. I like the forum idea and personally i enjoy triple draw 2-7
  11. With the odds the way they are I would call here.
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